United Way Worldwide embraces digital currency

United Way Worldwide teams with Coinbase to accept Bitcoin donations

United Way Worldwide, a non-profit leadership and support organization, has announced its partnership with Coinbase, a commerce platform that specializes in Bitcoin. Through this partnership, United Way will begin accepting Bitcoin donations, making it the latest non-profit group to show some support for the digital currency. Bitcoin is somewhat controversial, but it has become accepted among non-profit organizations that attempt to attract support from a wide range of people, both online and off.

Bitcoin is gaining more support throughout the world

Bitcoin is sometimes seen as a dangerous sort of currency because some people associate it with hackers and malicious groups. The currency is, however, not affiliated with any singular group or demographic, serving only as a medium of commerce. The real issue that Bitcoin has is its volatility. Currently, one Bitcoin is worth $468, but the value of a single Bitcoin can change dramatically at any given moment. The currency’s value is affected by many factors, particularly its unregulated nature.

Digital currency could help non-profit groups engage a wider demographic of supporters

Digital Currency - Bitcoin Through the Coinbase platform, United Way will be accepting donations into its Innovation Fund. The organization is embracing the opportunity to make it easier for donors to support causes that they are interested in. The organization suggests that embracing innovation is one of the ways it can encourage others to do the same. As such, United Way may serve as an example of how non-profit groups can accept digital currency and attract more support from a wider demographic.

Bitcoin is having a major impact on the mobile commerce space, allowing businesses to engage mobile consumers more effectively

Bitcoin has become particularly favored in the mobile commerce space. A growing number of retailers and other businesses are beginning to embrace digital currencies because it gives them more access to mobile consumers. Mobile commerce has helped bring digital currencies from obscurity, showing that they can be used as an effective medium of commerce. As mobile payments continue to become more common, Bitcoin is likely to receive more acceptance as a legitimate currency.

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