The “Best New Wearable Technology Device” has now been officially named

With a large number of different wearables on the market, it was the Sensoria Smart Socks that took the prize.

Though the majority of people picture fitness trackers and smartwatches when they think about wearable technology, it was a type of footwear that managed to take home the top title in the category from IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2015.

The event was the largest printed electronics and sensor event that has happened anywhere on the globe.

Though the competition was fierce, the “Best New Wearable Technology Device” that was named at the event was the Sensoria Smart Socks. They Printed Electronics Award was given to the footwear that was infused with textile sensors. The award itself was a recognition of the innovation, development and success of the company behind the wearable device.

Among the judges that determined that the smart socks should be the winner were several well known names, such as the U.S. Olympic Committee Senior Sports Technologist, Dr. Mounir Zok, PhD, as well as the London College of Fashion’s Head of Fashion Innovation Agency, Matthew Drinkwater. The award was presented to Sensoria by Henri Richard, the senior vice president of Sandisk Corporation.

This title is a highly coveted one by newcomers to the wearable technology industry that have released their first product.

According to the Sensoria CEO, Davide Vigano, “It’s such an incredible honor to be chosen for this award and especially by such an esteemed group of industry leaders.” He went on to explain that the team at Sensoria spent four years in research and development for the creation of their wearables in the form of smart socks. They had several challenges to overcome in order to ensure that they would be not only practical and functional but also comfortable for the wearer.

The final version of the wearable technology socks was created in order to ensure there would be a number of different potential applications throughout several industries, such as in fitness, sports, and even medicine. The smart socks have three soft, thin textile pressure sensors embedded within them. Any data collected from the socks is transmitted by a magnetic Bluetooth smart anklet that snaps onto the socks and wirelessly sends the info to the Sensoria mobile app.

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