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NFC technology will be used in the Wii U Super Smash Bros.

It has now been revealed that near field communication will be used for this game through the Nintendo console.

A managing director of Nintendo France, Stephan Bole, has now revealed that the Super Smash Bros. game version that is designed for the company’s Wii U console will be using NFC technology.

It is believed that this will help to show what the console’s near field communication tech has to offer.

Bole explained that “E3 will be an opportunity to show the use of NFC technology on Nintendo consoles. NFC will be used in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros.” It is the hope that this will better illustrate the type of capabilities that this tech has to offer users of the console, who may never have heard of it or who might not understand exactly what it has to offer them.

The NFC technology in this game allows for a more interactive game experience among players.

The idea behind near field communication tech is that it gives two devices that are close to one another (or touching) the ability to wirelessly exchange data. It is the foundation of the Skylanders franchise from Activision and of the Disney Infinity franchise.

NFC Technology - NintendoEarlier in May, Nintendo announced that it would be taking what looked to be its first steps into this particular marketplace. This was through its announcement of the Nintendo Figurine Platform (NFP). That platform was designed to support training as well as in upgrading the versions of in-game figures of a range of different characters in Nintendo games. It will support games on the Nintendo 3DS, as well as the Wii U.

At that time, the company also stated that it intended to launch the first titles that were compatible with the NFP, over its Wii U and that they would become available before the end of 2014. It also plans to have the 3DS games ready for sale at some point in 2015.

Although the company has announced that the NFC technology would be used for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, it has yet to actually announce the figures that would be working with the game. That said, there is still time before the release of that game – which is expected out this winter – and the tech may be used entirely differently by then.

Nintendo may be eyeing mobile games

Wii U - Mobile GamesMobile games may be the future of the Wii U

Acclaimed Japanese game developer Nintendo has been struggling to find a foothold in the industry it helped create. In the past, Nintendo held a commanding presence in the game industry and often used its influence to dictate the success and failure of particular genres in the market. While Nintendo remains one of the most influential companies in the game industry, it has lost much of its luster therein and is often accused of being a company devoted to children’s games. This may soon change, however, as the company begins to show interest in mobile games.

Wii U continues to struggle in the market

Nintendo’s Wii U, which has been billed as the company’s next generation console, has performed poorly in the current market. The company had invested heavily in the Wii U, but the console has yet to meet the sales expectations of the developer. Nintendo attributes part of the problem to marketing, but is unwilling to abandon the console for greener pastures. Nintendo is now seeking out new avenues that could help the Wii U find success, and mobile games may be the key.

Rumor suggest Nintendo interest in mobile games

Rumors are circulating around the game industry concerning Nintendo’s interest in mobile games. These rumors suggest that Nintendo has been making conversion software available to applications developers. This software is reportedly designed to allow app developers to publish their mobile games to the Wii U. These games would not be played on the console proper, but will largely be contained to the console’s GamePad, which is similar to a tablet device, fully equipped with a touchscreen and comprehensive controls.

Game industry becoming increasingly interested in mobile

Nintendo has remained relatively aloof concerning its potential interest in mobile games. If the company truly is pursuing the mobile field, it would not be the only large developer that is doing so in the game industry. Developers and publishers alike have been flocking to the mobile space in droves in order to take advantage of one of the fastest growing sectors in the game industry.