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Athletes use wearable technology to gain performance advantage

A growing number of sports pros are being spotted with wearables that have sensors meant to provide bio-feedback.

As wearable technology just starts to gain a little bit of interest from regular consumers, professional athletes are being spotted with these gadgets to help to gain an edge over their competition.

These devices are helping during the training sessions of the athletes, to better understand their performance.

Among the rising number of athletes using wearable technology have been Amar’e Stoudemire, from the New York Knicks in the NBA, as well as Dwayne De Rosario from the Toronto FC in Major League Soccer. They have each been spotted using performance sensors to get the most out of the understanding of the way that they are performing in practices so that they can make the appropriate changes in order to enhance their capabilities.

Some teams have been spotted with wearable technology on all of the players during practice.

Wearable Technology - SoccerFor example, the Toronto FC Major League Soccer club is now using wearables on all of its players during their practices in order to better understand the workload and heart rate of each individual player. The coaches and doctors for the team then use the data that has been collected through these devices to know when a player should be taken from the field or when to slow them down in order to be able to avoid injuries and to ensure the best possible performance.

That team is actually not new to wearables. In fact, it has been using them for around five years. At that time, players admitted that they didn’t see the point to it – including De Rosario, who has completely changed his opinion on the tech. He said that “Even the coaches and I were like, ‘This is a joke, you know?’”

That said, over time the opinion of wearable technology has changed. He added that “as the years have passed and it progresses, we take it more and more seriously… Things have definitely evolved in terms of the importance of tracking the data and how useful the therapists and the trainers are finding it.”

Wearables sector scores Rebecca Minkoff for more appealing designs

The brand is now taking its first steps into the wearable technology marketplace.

The Rebecca Minkoff brand is known for its forward thinking style and willingness to embrace technology is now making its way into one of the latest branches of mobile, which is wearables.

In fact, the designer will be releasing a new wearable technology based collection this month.

Minkoff will be starting its wearables collection set with two bracelets. One of those devices unfolds in order to become a cell phone battery charger. The other one provides the wearer with notifications when various activities occur on his or her smartphone, such as the receipt of a text, an incoming phone call, and other types of alert. These bracelets are going to be sold in a variety of different colors and while the charger version will cost $60, the notification piece will cost twice that much, at $120.

These wearables will become available for purchase at Rebecca Minkoff stores, which will soon be opening.

Wearables - BraceletThe first of these shops will be in New York City and is slated to open in November. That said, the devices will also be sold at Nordstrom as early as this month. When it comes to wearable technology, many designers and companies are betting on the popularity of devices that bring together jewelry and technology, although watches and smart clothing have been working hard to make their marks.

That said, one of the reasons that the Rebecca Minkoff brand decided to take this direction with its wearable tech is that if these gadgets double as jewelry, then the pieces can be designed to be attractive enough that consumers will love them regardless of what they actually do for a smartphone user. The designer believes that this concept is central to encouraging people who aren’t typically early adopters of technology to be willing to buy one of these devices.

Minkoff is hardly the first designer to step into the wearables market, though this brand is hoping to become an important player. Recently Ralph Lauren unveiled his sensor shirt at the U.S. Open in tennis, whereas Tory Burch created jewelry for some of the latest Fitbit chips. Google Glass brought Diane von Furstenberg onboard to help to design its frames.