Wearable technology device unveiled by Lenovo

The company has now jumped into the wearables market with its own version of a smartband gadget.

Lenovo has now joined the latest entrants into the wearable technology market, as it has now unveiled its  through a quiet addition of the device to its official website.

The Chinese company has clearly taken the popular focus of health and fitness for its new wearables.

The description on the official website says that this wearable technology will help a wearer to be able to track his or her sleep, daily exercise and heart rate. At the same time, it provides the user the opportunity to customize the notifications that he or she receives through the device in order “to improve both work and life efficiency and automatically log in on a PC without entering a password.”

Clearly, there is more than one component to this wearable technology and they have stepped beyond mhealth.

The fitness component of these wearables allows a wearer to be able to track his or her daily calories burned, distance travelled, and the number of steps that have been taken. At the same time, though, it can provide the owner with notifications of the receipt of texts, calls, and appointment reminders. The device also has a “smart” feature, that gives users the ability to automatically unlock their PC when they are within a certain proximity range.

The weareables have yet to be released, but a filing to the FCC was made earlier in October and was spotted online. That said, Lenovo has yet to actually release any of the specific details about the product launch, including where the smartband will be sold, in what regions it will be available, at what its price will be sold, or when the exact release date will be.

This device came as a surprise to some, as many expected that Lenovo would be entering into the wearable technology category with a different type of product, altogether. This is because the company had unveiled a smart glasses product back in July, which would place it in a wearables category that would rival Google Glass as opposed to wrist-worn gadgets.

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