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Android Wear smartwatches won’t connect to latest iPhones

Despite the fact that this wearable technology is designed to function cross-platform, iPhone 7 won’t pair.

The Apple Watch may be designed exclusively for iOS, but Android Wear smartwatches are meant to work regardless of the platform. That said, a growing number of reports have been submitted by consumers saying the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus won’t connect.

Mobile device users are able to pair the gadgets as far as the accept message screen on an iPhone 7.

That said, they seem to be unable to move beyond that point when pairing Android Wear smartwatches. This suggests that there is a failure in the Bluetooth pairing process at one point or another. Google has now released an official list of the specific devices that have been reported to have challenges connecting with iPhone 7 generation smartphones.

Android Wear Smartwatches - iPhone with WatchAmong those on the list currently include the Moto 360 Sport, the Moto 360 2nd Gen, the Asus ZenWatch 2, the Fossil Q Founder and the TAG Heuer Connected. That said, unofficial lists are popping up all over the web which include other Android Wear based gadgets.

It is not yet known why this specific problem is occurring between Android Wear smartwatches and iPhone 7.

Current speculations are that it has to do with the smartphone, itself and not the new iOS 10 operating system. Google is investigating the matter and will soon release a fix for this problem.

It should be noted that while Android Wear based wearable technology devices will pair with iOS, they do so with limited functionality. This is especially true when it comes to the Google Now features. As Google Now is the primary draw to the Android Wear operating system, it does show a reduced appeal for iPhone users to begin with.

As of the writing of this article, Google does not yet know exactly when it will have the fix ready for the Android Wear smartwatches. It is required to determine the source of the issue before it can put together fix that will repair it. The goal is to have it available within the very near future.

Michael Kors smartwatch unveiled to reveal large wearables

The new Access wearable technology is designed to combine tech and fashion in one device.

The Michael Kors smartwatch, called the Access, has launched. It has been anticipated for some time now and beyond the tech, many have wondered what it would look like. Now that its design has been revealed, there are a few things that stand out. The first is that it is quite attractive. The second is that it is very big.

Until now, most smartwatches have been a chunky gadget that could be customized with its strap.

There have been choices in wearable technology in which consumers can pick either nice band or a nice face. That said, no matter what, wearables tend to be a kind of fashion statement unto themselves. The Michael Kors smartwatch looks as though it might be among the first – if not the very first – to bring high levels of wearable technology and fashion into a single device. This gadget was created by the celebrated American designer in the hopes of bringing the tech into the fashion world.

The Michael Kors smartwatch runs on Android Wear and is currently offered in two different styles.

The “Bradshaw” is the smartwatch with the more feminine appearance. It has an all metal design. The “Dylan” is the wearable technology being marketed toward men. It has a sportier design. Both the Dylan and the Bradshaw are quite chunky and are definitely statement pieces. The Bradshaw is 44.5mm and the Dylan is 46mm. Both devices have a starting price of $350.

According to a Mashable report, Michael Kors created its smartwatch due to the fact that people feel that being connected all the time is crucial, regardless of where they are or what they do. A statement from the company said that their wearable technology devices provide “the best of both worlds — reliable technology and great design. We didn’t want our fans to have to choose between fashion and technology, so we’ve made it possible to have both.”

The two Michael Kors smartwatch designs come with additional options. The Dylan has three color choices and six possible straps. Of those straps, two are leather and four are silicone. The Bradshaw comes in a larger number of different metallic colors and strap possibilities. Furthermore, the faces can be customized for highlight colors, as well as dial and hand colors.