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Ericsson and Verifone partner to find success in mobile commerce

Companies team up to establish stronger position in the mobile commerce space

Ericsson, a leading communications technology firm, has announced that it has formed a partnership with Verifone Mobile Money. The two companies will work to make it possible for Ericsson’s to participate in the mobile payments sector. Together, Ericsson and Verifone intend to offer NFC-enabled point-of-sale services, as well as those that operate without relying on NFC technology. Such solutions may make it easier for consumers to use their mobile devices to shop for and purchase products both online and in physical stores.

Ericsson aims to make use of Verifone Mobile Money software for its Wallet platform

Partnership in Mobile CommerceEricsson will be integrating Verifone’s mobile payments technology into its Wallet platform. The Ericsson Wallet can be used to make mobile transactions and is supported by numerous retailers throughout Europe and elsewhere. NFC technology will be at the forefront of the partnership, as this technology is considered to be the backbone of the mobile commerce world. This technology allows digital information to be transmitted over short distances.

Consumers show strong favor for mobile commerce

Consumers have come to embrace mobile payments quite readily. This is because of the convenient nature of mobile transactions and shopping in general. Platforms, such as Ericsson Wallet, can be used to pay for goods and services using nothing more than a mobile device. Such platforms are particularly popular among consumers that do not have bank accounts, as it gives them a way to effectively manage their finances.

Partnerships allow companies to compete more aggressively in the mobile commerce space

Partnerships are becoming more common in the mobile commerce field. These partnerships are leading to more progress in the mobile space, producing innovative platforms that are proving to be quite attractive to consumers. These partnerships are also making it easier for merchants to enter into the mobile commerce space and engage consumers more effectively than they have been able to in the past. Partnerships also allow companies to compete more effectively with others that are interested in the mobile commerce market.

NFC technology based payment partnership begins between Verifone and Airtel

The agreement has been designed to give the two companies a new opportunity in the Ghana market.

Verifone Mobile Money has now partnered with Airtel Ghana in order to be able to provide a new mobile payments solution that is based on NFC technology that can be used through mobile devices within that country.

The near field communication based service will make it possible for consumers to “tap and pay”.

The idea behind the partnership is to be able to use this NFC technology to be able to provide consumers with a simpler and easier method of paying for the products and services that they wish to purchase. The transactions are designed to be both convenient and secure. This partnership will bring the strengths of both companies into a single transaction service that will become widely available.

The NFC technology based transactions will be available at a range of sale outlets across Ghana.

NFC Technology - PaymentsThese mobile payments will be available to be used by owners of NFC enabled devices at the many Airtel Merchants as well as other point of sale outlets throughout the country. This will provide a process for completing transactions that is very quick and easy. Once a customer reaches the checkout counter, all he or she needs to do is tap the near field communication enabled smartphone against a reader device in order to launch a payment by way of the individual’s mobile wallet.

That said, it will also be possible for people who don’t have NFC enabled smartphones to be able to pay by way of this technology by using an enabled sticker that will also give them the technology that they require.

The Verifone Mobile Money chief executive, Chris Jones spoke about the NFC technology based payments agreement between the two companies, saying that it “will deliver developed world technologies to the customers of Airtel Money. We believe that NFC technology and the roll out of contactless “tap and pay” across the African continent will help to realize the true economic benefits of cashless economies while driving mobile money adoption through an improved merchant payments experience.”