Exclusively mobile strategy to be launched by Flipkart

By the end of the year, the m-commerce company intends to transition its operations entirely to smartphones and tablets.

It shouldn’t come as much of a shock to many people that Flipkart has had an exclusively mobile strategy up their sleeve for some time now, but what has come as a surprise is that it looks like these intentions are already underway.

The company has started to prepare to move entirely over to the mobile commerce side, stepping off the standard web.

A new report has been making its rounds of the media and has indicated that Flipkart will be constructing an entirely mobile strategy based on a new application platform. In this way, they intend to provide consumers with a shopping experience that more closely mirrors that of the real world. What has not yet been revealed is exactly how the m-commerce company intends to actually accomplish that goal. That said, it has been shifting a considerable amount of its engineering and infrastructure resources over to the pursuit of that goal.

Their mobile strategy appears to be a novel one and is one that will turn its current app entirely on its head.

Mobile StrategyThe mobile apps from Flipkart are already known for providing an extremely user and consumer friendly experience. That said, the company appears to feel that it can improve that experience even further by adding a more realistic approach to mobile commerce.

Flipkart’s chief product officer, Punit Soni, explained that the company feels that the current mcommerce apps are highly influenced by the PC environment. For that reason, in order to enhance shopping in a way that is more true to real life, the applications need to be completely overhauled. The purpose is to create an application that has been designed for mobile from the ground up, without falling back onto established concepts from the desktop ecosystem.

The new mobile strategy will also rely quite heavily on social concepts, as it will allow people to be able to browse for products and obtain recommendations from friends. In fact, it may even allow several people to shop “together” online through the upcoming m-commerce app platform.

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