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Target mobile rewards pilot launched in 4 cities

The giant retail chain is testing the new smartphone based program following the release of its Cartwheel app.

The Cartwheel app first debuted three years ago and now Target mobile rewards appear to be the next step. In the company’s ongoing effort to promote a better m-commerce experience, a pilot program is underway in locations in four cities.

The Minneapolis based retailer is testing the new mobile commerce feature in four stores.

There will be 126 stores with the new Cartwheel Perks Target mobile rewards program. This is the largest update the company’s mobile app has ever experienced. If it proves to be successful, it may experience a nationwide rollout. The current version of the mobile app makes it possible for customers to find product deals on their smartphones. Then, when they reach the checkout counter, they can apply the savings and pay less for their purchases.

Target Mobile Rewards - Target Shopping CartsThere have already been 27 million people who have signed up for the mobile commerce app and its benefits. There are discounts available for up to 700 Target products with this application. Since it was first introduced, Cartwheel has generated a total saving of about $600 million for Target customer purchases.

Now the retailer is testing to see if the Target mobile rewards program can be equally successful.

The pilot for the mobile shopping rewards program is running at the stores located in Houston, San Diego, Denver and St. Louis. The feature is available to customers who update their mobile app to the latest version of Cartwheel. The program makes it possible for customers to collect rewards that can be redeemed for merchandise. Reward merchandise ranges from $10 to $20 in value. They can include free laundry detergent, sunglasses, athletic apparel and other items.

Customers use Cartwheel Perks to collect 10 points each time they spend a dollar at Target. Exceptions include gift cards and CVS pharmacy purchases. The first redemption level is at 5,000 points, at which time they can select from among 25 possible reward items.

A spokesperson for the company, Eddie Baeb, explained that “We’ll continue to test it and see how guests respond.” He explained that the Target mobile rewards program may one day extend to other stores and possibly to online purchases, too.

Mobile commerce is growing and attracting new merchants

Mobile commerce continues to see strong growth throughout the world

The mobile commerce space is beginning to become more attractive to merchants throughout the world. More consumers are beginning to use their smartphones and tablets to shop online and in physical stores. These consumers are taking advantage of services offered by Apple, Samsung, and a variety of other companies. Notably, mobile payments services have been growing in popularity because of their increasingly secure nature, with some services having proven that they can effectively protect consumer information.

Retailers are planning to launch their own mobile commerce platforms

As mobile commerce expands, the number of merchants becoming involved in the mobile space is also growing. Driven by market demands, Walmart recently announced that it will be launching its own mobile payments service. Target has also revealed plans to develop such a platform in order to effectively connect with the growing number of mobile consumers. Both companies see a great deal of promise in the mobile commerce space and intend to capitalize on the growth of this sector in the coming years.

Consumers are still concerned about the security of mobile payments services

Mobile Commerce Attracting New MerchantsDespite the fact that the mobile commerce space is growing, many consumers are unconvinced that mobile payments services are worthwhile. According to recent analysis from Gartner, the majority of shoppers in the United States simply believe that traditional forms of commerce are adequate enough for their needs. Others believe that security faults exist in the mobile commerce space, leaving them exposed to serious digital threats.

Mobile commerce saw spectacular growth in 2015

Last year, mobile commerce saw significant growth, especially during the holiday season. According to a report from eMarketer, some 9.6% of the mobile population in the United States, an estimated 23.2 million people, made a mobile transaction in 2015. The mobile commerce space is beginning to attract a variety of merchants, many of whom have been looking for ways to connect with mobile consumers in a dynamic fashion. This trend is expected to continue into the future, especially as the demand for mobile commerce support continues to grow.