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QR code payments launched at South African McDonald’s

A pilot program is now underway using QuickPay for WeChat customers in the country.

McDonald’s is now running a pilot project using QR code payments with a cashback offer. Customers using WeChat can get 50% cash back when they use the QuickPay service. This is exclusive to select restaurants in South Africa.

The goal is to encourage people who are already using the social messaging app to pay with their smartphones.

Participating restaurants are located in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Customers using the WeChat mobile app are being offered a special 50% cashback offer. This is mean to encourage them to use the QuickPay QR code payments at McDonald’s in a participating location.

QR Code Payments McDonald'sThis incentive is meant to help to encourage customers to try the mobile payments for the first time. By showing them how easy it is to pay for an order simply by presenting the QR codes at the point of sale so they can be scanned, McDonald’s hopes that consumers will be taken with the service and will continue to use it.

The QR code payment cashback offer is available to the first 20,000 customers to use the service.

Those customers will receive 50% cash back when they pay for their meals with their smartphones. According to the McDonald’s South Africa chief marketing officer, Daniel Padiachy, “We are continuously searching for innovative ways to enhance our customers’ experience.” He added that “We believe that WeChat’s Quick Pay will further assist us in upholding these principles.”

The WeChat app first launched in the country in November 2015. The app is owned by Tencent, the ecommerce giant from China. Payments through the service have been made possible in South Africa through a partnership with Standard Bank.

WeChat makes it possible for users to make P2P transfers as well as to scan QR codes to make payments in-store at any of 30,000 merchants across the country that support the SnapScan platform. The mobile app can also be used to purchase wireless services such as airtime and data, as well as to pay certain utility bills.

While Quick Pay is functioning within the SnapScan WeChat feature, that QR code payments option is currently available exclusively at McDonald’s.

QR codes help the growth of mobile commerce in South Africa

QR codes are having an impact among South African consumers

QR codes have had a major impact on mobile commerce in South Africa. These codes have become a very prominent tool in the mobile commerce space due to how easy they are to use and produce. The codes can direct consumers to a wide variety of digital information, but can also be used to initiate a mobile transaction, making them ideal tools to merchants that want to sell products to mobile consumers quickly.

Research shows that consumers are using codes for a variety of reasons

World Wide Worx, a technology research firm, has released analysis that shows that more than 2 million people in South Africa are using QR codes via mobile applications. These codes are being used for a wide range of reasons, such as adding a person’s contact information to a messaging app. They are also being used to sell products to mobile consumers. When scanned, these codes can provide information on particular products, while also giving consumers the option to purchase the products that they are interested in.

Young consumers show the most interest in QR codes

QR Codes - Mobile CommerceNotably, QR codes are most popular among those between the ages of 25 and 34. These consumers are more comfortable with the concept of mobile commerce and believe that these codes are effective tools to engage in this sector. The codes are also praised for their social aspects, as they have become quite popular among social media users in South Africa. The codes can be programmed to store contact details and other such information.

QR codes help power growth of mobile commerce

Consumers in South Africa have shown a great deal of interest in mobile commerce. New payment platforms have managed to win the support of these consumers and retailers are beginning to take notice. As such, merchants are looking for ways to embrace the concept of mobile commerce and some have begun turning to QR codes in order to do so. Some had predicted that QR codes would die off in the coming years, but mobile commerce may have saved these codes for the time being.