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Augmented reality glasses from Sony, SmartEyeglass, hit the shelves

These wearable devices have now become available in ten countries for an official price of $840.

The SmartEyeglass from Sony, that brand’s augmented reality glasses, have now officially received their rollout for consumers to purchase them in any of ten different initial countries.

The smart glasses were first unveiled last year, but they hit the store shelves at the end of March.

At the moment, what is available is the Sony SmartEyeglass Developer Edition (SED-E1). Those augmented reality glasses also include an additional controller and come with a price tag of $840. That said, if the nerdy appearance of Google Glass was a put off too much of the market, then they may not be impressed with the far less sophisticated looking wearable technology that Sony has now released.

These augmented reality glasses have been designed to provide the wearer with a pure AR experience.

They use hologram optics tech in order to be able to superimpose images, symbols, and text overtop of the natural field of view of the wearer. This idea is not unlike Google Glass, in that sense, as Sony’s version is able to place an overlay of digital information over top of the real environment of the wearer. For instance, it could add directions and arrows on top of the actual street view being seen by the person wearing the device.

At the moment, these AR glasses are available only in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Germany, and Belgium. Consumers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany are able to buy these wearables, no matter who they are. However, in the other countries in which the devices are being sold, there are certain limitations, such as the fact that only business customers will be allowed to buy them, at least for the first wave of the rollout.

At the time that this article was written, Sony had not yet announced how it intended to move forward with the rollout of these augmented reality glasses beyond the initial ten countries. It is unclear whether there will be a global release or whether the device will ever become available to all consumers.

Augmented reality glasses from Sony are attractive and coming soon

The wearable technology gadget will be sold for $840 and has been receiving high praise for its style.

Sony has been tossing various ideas for augmented reality headsets around for the last while, in order to provide competition for the Google Glass, but now that the competition has taken a step back, it appears to be a strong time to be able to launch its own device into the market.

For a while, Sony had been thinking about a type of clip-on headset but now it will be a full set of glasses.

The SmartEyeGlass SED-E1 Developer Edition is not yet a consumer product, but it was previewed a number of months ago and it will be arriving in ten different countries. As of March, it will be available in those nations for $840 (¥100,000 yen, or €670). Sony is calling its augmented reality glasses “holographic waveguide technology” that is built into 3mm AR lenses that are worn like typical eyeglasses and that display content directly in the eye line of the wearer.

These augmented reality glasses from Sony are not the first entrance of the brand into wearable technology.

That said, it is the first step into the market in the form of glasses. A demo video for the device was recently released to provide more details about the gadget. This device is moving forward at a time in which the industry is still waiting for the HoloLens from Microsoft, as well as the next version of Glass, the current version of which is no longer being manufactured.

The SmartEyeGlass SED-E1 looks notably more like HoloLens than Glass, as it has a basic green monochrome text display and an up to 15fps diagram display. It also has a3MP camera built into it, making it possible for video and pictures to be taken. This makes it possible for developers to use images taken through the wearable technology in the creation of their apps.

These augmented reality glasses are compatible with Android smartphones and feature a speaker, microphone, battery (providing 80 minutes of life when the camera is active, and 150 minutes without it), Bluetooth, touch controls, and NFC technology.