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Mobile technology is vital to the experience of 45 percent of Asian travelers

According to the results from an Asian hotel booking website survey, smartphones are key to good vacations.

An Asian hotel booking website, Agoda.com, has conducted a study regarding travel habits and behaviors of people around the world, and what they found was that people from Asia feel that mobile technology is the most important thing to remember when on a vacation.

The majority of westerners feel the same way about remembering their credit cards.

The website held the survey online during February 2014 and involved the participation of more than 50,000 of the site’s customers. These individuals were from countries around the world and were asked what item they would least like to forget to bring on vacation with them. Asian travelers chose their mobile technology, hands down. Western travelers clearly felt different about the most important item that they would need to bring.

This helps to demonstrate the importance of mobile technology to the average person in Asia.

Among the travelers from Asia, 45 percent said that their smartphones were the one item that they would most hate to forget when going on vacation. In second place was credit cards, which were chosen by 29 percent of the votes from that region. Europeans and Americans, on the other hand, said that credit cards were more important to remember than their cell phones.Mobile Technology - China

The responses from the European travelers said that credit cards were most important to 47 percent of them. Among Americans, that figure was 44 percent. Only 19 percent of respondents from Europe and North American said that mobile devices were the most important.

Survey participants from France showed the largest disparity between the importance of credit cards and mobile technology. Fifty eight percent felt that credit cards were the top thing that they would not want to forget to pack, while only 9 percent were concerned about remembering their smartphones.

In Asia, the only country that showed an exception to the rule where mobile devices came first was among the respondents from Japan. There, 38 percent chose their credit cards first while 28 percent selected their cell phones.

Mobile technology news reveals user loyalty is to operating system

Consumers are far more likely to want to stick with an OS than to a handset brand, says a new study.

According to a mobile technology research report issued by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, smartphone and tablet users have a greater likelihood of remaining loyal to a specific operating system than to an actual brand of handset.

This is only confirming news that many brands, such as Samsung, have already realized.

Many manufacturers have already worked this mobile technology knowledge into the way that they design and market their products, in order to ensure that they continue to appeal to the areas in which consumers will become – and remain – loyal. They have found that it is exceptionally important to build brand relationships with their customers in order to boost and maintain sales, instead of focusing exclusively on products.

The mobile technology report found that only 41 percent of consumers stay loyal to their device brand.

At the same time, that same report indicated that while less than half of consumers will stay loyal to their brand of mobile device when it comes time for an upgrade, a massive 68 percent will prefer to use the same operating system to which they have become accustomed.Mobile Technology - User Loyalty

The Kantar report stated that “Apple is, of course, unaffected by this – iOS is Apple, Apple is iOS.” It pointed out that if those customers wanted to bail out on the operating system and choose Android, Windows, or even BlackBerry, instead, then they would be required to re-purchase all of their apps and would need to copy content from one type of operating system to another while they have to learn an entirely new operating system.

The Kantar Worldpanel global insights director, Dominic Sunebo, released a mobile technology news statement that indicated that manufacturers of mobile devices that are based on the Android operating system should be aware of not only the user experience that consumers are enjoying through the use of the product, itself, but also the emotional connections that are being built with that experience as opposed to the rational links. This can help them to better develop and maintain relationships with those consumers.