Mobile technology positions will lead the IT job trends next year

Although there is no sure fire way to predict how the future employment market will appear, this is the common forecast.

When studying the current employment predictions for the 2014 IT job market, it is very challenging to get a grip on how things will look or what role mobile technology will play in those trends, except that it looks as though – regardless of the numbers – it will be that sector that will lead the way within the marketplace.

There will likely be some overall increases in hiring within the IT market as a whole.

That said, it is believed that while there will still be growth in IT in total, the increases will be cooling slightly next year when compared to previous years. The one area where there will still be quite a large demand for skills and experience is in mobile technology. There are still going to be techs required pretty much across the board, but it will be those with some expertise in the smartphone, tablet, and other wireless gadget field that will be the most highly in demand.

The mobile technology trends throughout this year should give some good ideas as to what next year has in store.

Mobile Technology - IT JobsAlthough 2014 will hardly be a mirror of what was experienced this year in terms of hiring in various different categories of IT, there is still a great deal of hype around big data, cloud computing, and smartphone and tablet technologies that doesn’t appear to be going away. In fact, companies are still struggling to fill their positions with IT pros that have skills in those areas, which means that the demand should remain solidly increasing in those areas. This also means that for people who do have those skill sets, the salaries are still being pushed upward.

In terms of good IT talent in those specific hot areas, the demand of employers is quite outweighing the supply of good quality workers. Overall, it is the mobile technology area that will be the hottest in 2014. This includes a range of different parts of that field, from security to computing and data analysis.

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