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Report shows that mobile commerce is on the rise

New report highlights the growth of mobile commerce since 2012

A new report from 41st Parameter, a global fraud prevention firm, shows that mobile commerce is experienced significant growth since 2012. The firm notes that more consumers are becoming attracted to mobile shopping due to its convenience. Shopping from a mobile device requires no waiting in lines and most online retailers do not suffer from any significant shortcomings when it comes to inventory. Moreover, mobile shopping is considered more convenient during the holiday season due to the chaotic nature of traditional shopping during this time of year.

35% increase in mobile shopping since beginning of 2013

According to the report, mobile commerce has grown by 35% since the beginning of the year, with e-commerce of all kinds growing by 15% over the same period. Approximately 8% of mobile sales were made through a smartphone, with 13% coming from tablet devices. The report notes that consumers appear to favor tablets over smartphones when it comes to mobile shopping by a significant margin.

Tablets are taking over mobile shopping

report mobile commerce on riseTablets may be favored over smartphones because they offer a more enjoyable shopping experience. The larger screens are easier for consumers to manipulate, making navigating mobile retail sites more convenient. Tablets tend to offer a shopping experience that is quite similar to that provided by PCs and laptops, which may create some sense of familiarity for those that participate in e-commerce on a regular basis.

Consumers likely to replace their PCs with tablets

A similar report from Adroit Digital shows that 55% of consumers are likely to replace their PCs with tablets when it comes to mobile commerce. The benefit of tablets is that they can be used in-store, whereas a PC is a stationary device. Tablets can, therefore, easily be used by consumers to compare products and find deals being offered in a physical store or by a retailer located nearby.

Mobile commerce shows strong growth among retailers

New report highlights trends in the mobile sector

Leading market research firm comScore has released a new report concerning the mobile sector. The report highlights trends within the mobile market and how these trends are affecting large companies, like Apple and Samsung. It also touches upon mobile commerce and the success that retailers are seeing in this sector. The mobile sector has been showing a great deal of activity over the past several years, but this activity has recently begun reaching new heights due to the popularity of mobile shopping and payments.

Android continues to lead with consumers

According to the report, Android remained the most popular mobile platform among consumers, but Apple was the top maker of mobile devices in the U.S. Android accounts for approximately 52% of the U.S. market, with iOS devices accounting for 40%. Blackberry and other platforms represent a significantly smaller market share, which may continue to diminish over time as Android and iOS devices become more advances and less expensive.

Retailers find success in mobile commerce

mobile commerce retail growthThe report shows that retailers have been seeing a great deal of success in their mobile commerce endeavors. Retailers that have their own dedicated shopping applications performed much better than those without such applications, according to the report. The reason behind this could be that these applications make it easier for consumers to shop from their mobile devices. The report shows that approximately one third of consumers in the U.S. are visiting retail sites from their mobile devices.

Apple and other dominate mobile sales

Amazon, eBay, and Apple currently reign supreme when it comes to mobile sales. Notably, Apple generates a significant level of revenue through its App Store, which has proven lucrative for developers as well as Apple. According to comScore, retailers will have to become more conscious of the mobile sector as mobile commerce grows in popularity. Those that cannot provide consumers with an engaging mobile experience may lose out on a significant opportunity.