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Mobile marketing will overtake print newspaper ad revenue in 2014

This prediction has been made specifically about the U.K. industry by eMarketer.

Newly released research from eMarketer has forecasted that mobile marketing ad spending will break the £2 billion mark this year, and will have reached £9 billion by 2017 across all digital media.

This will have the channel overtaking the revenue from newspaper ads for the first time, this year.

This will be a considerable increase in the total digital media advertising spending, which had reached £6.3 billion, last year (that is, a share of 44.3 percent of the market), to reach £7.1 billion, this year (which will mean a share of 47.5 percent of the market), according to the mobile marketing data released by eMarketer.

The figures estimate that mobile marketing will eat into newspaper advertising quite a bit.

The estimated figures from the firm suggested that national and regional newspaper advertising will drop from having been £2.2 billion last year (a share of 15.3 percent of the market), to £2.1 billion, this year (for a share of 13.8 percent of the market). This will represent that sharpest market share loss across all of the various categories of media between last year and this year.Mobile Marketing Will Take Over Print Newspaper

Newspapers will be taking a place behind mobile ad spending in the United Kingdom, for the first time, says eMarketer. The amount being spent for advertising to smartphone and tablet customers will rise from last year’s £1.9 billion to a much higher £2.3 billion, this year. It was also predicted that by 2017, the figure for newspaper ad spending in the U.K. will have dropped to only £1.9 billion (11.2 percent share of the market).

Equally, while mobile marketing takes off, television advertising is also expected to rise from £3.6 billion to £3.7 billion from 2013 and 2014, although its share of the market will slip just a little bit from last year’s 25.6 percent to 24.7 percent this year. eMarketer feels that when it comes to the amount of money being spent on digital channels will only continue its sharp increases from now through 2017. By that year, ad spending on digital will rise to £9 billion (a market share of 53.8 percent).

2014 may be a major year for mobile commerce

Report predicts the impact of mobile commerce around the world

This may be a very important year for mobile commerce, according to a new report from InMobi. The mobile advertising and analytics firm expects to see more people participate in mobile commerce this year than they ever have in the past. People are becoming more comfortable with the concept of shopping for and purchasing products from their mobile devices. As more people gain access to smartphones and tablets, retailers and other businesses are beginning to cater more to these consumers, offering services that are meant to promote mobile shopping and spending.Mobile Commerce - 2014 a Major Year

Consumers are becoming much more comfortable in the mobile space

According to the report from InMobi, 85% of consumers worldwide plan to participate in mobile commerce within the next 12 months. This is a 15% increase over what had been reported in 2013. Last year, many retailers began taking the mobile space more seriously. Retailers began supporting mobile commerce platforms or introducing platforms of their own in an attempt to engage and remain relevant with consumers that were becoming more reliant on mobile devices.

Mobile devices have a major impact on consumer purchasing decisions worldwide

The report shows that 48% of consumers claim that mobile devices are having a major impact on their purchasing decisions. Many note that marketing campaigns specifically designed for mobile engagement have been more effective in capturing their attention. Because these consumers are mobile, they are able to act on marketing that they are interested in very quickly. In many cases, effective mobile marketing strategies have lead to mobile purchases, further familiarizing consumers with the concept of shopping from a smartphone or a tablet.

Mobile marketing is becoming more important for businesses and consumers alike.

The report highlights the impact that mobile marketing is beginning to have. Approximately 87% of consumers have noted that they have noticed mobile advertisements, with 61% noting that they are more comfortable with mobile advertisements than those they see on TV or online. Businesses that intend to remain relevant with consumers may need to begin taking mobile commerce more seriously.