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Mobile marketing in apps may provide an exceptional ROI in 2013

mobile marketing appsAdvertising within these applications will be important to generating wealth next year.

While recent research continues its highlighting of the degree to which consumers say that they dislike mobile marketing, the figures regarding the channel’s performance are strongly suggesting the opposite.

Analyses of campaigns for smartphones and tablets alike are showing that they are highly effective.

Despite the fact that consumers don’t like the pesky ads that are appearing within their applications, the data is still showing that they are engaged by this mobile marketing and that it is encouraging them to spend money. Occasionally, this even means large purchases, and they’re doing it over their smartphones and tablets.

A rising number of analysts are releasing their figures that are demonstrating this same mobile marketing trend.

According to these statistics, it looks as though standard, smartphone, and tablet commerce could all stand to greatly benefit from an explosion of mobile marketing within applications. Though this had already been suspected by the completion of the third quarter of the year, it has been far more solidified from the results of the holiday season so far.

Shoppers over the last couple of weeks have made this the most successful time for mobile marketing in the history of online purchasing. The “biggest mobile shopping day” on record for eBay occurred on December 9. The volume from smartphones and tablets skyrocketed by 133 percent over the largest purchasing day in 2011.

Moreover, it is also being suggested that the impact of mobile marketing isn’t simply limited to the purchases that are measured due to the fact that they are made directly through the smartphone or tablet on which the ad has been viewed. Steve Yankovich, the vice president of mobile at eBay, suggested that one third of all of the transactions that the company receives have been “touched” by mobile, regardless of what device has been used for making the final purchase.

This means that the eventual purchases that are made by users are highly influenced by mobile marketing and what they see on the gadgets that display the ads. It also suggests that the channel will become far more central to the efforts and campaigns that are implemented in 2013.

Mobile marketing frustrates consumers with misclicks

Mobile Marketing Consumer FrustrationAccidental ad clicks seen throughout mobile marketing

Mobile marketing has become a very important aspect of the business world. With smart phone penetration so high among consumers, companies interested in reaching out to a broad audience must find ways to engage mobile consumers. Thus, mobile marketing initiatives are quickly being formulated by companies that realize the potential benefits of appealing to mobile consumers. Google is one of these companies, but the technology giant has been seeing complaints regarding in-application advertisements that could be causing consumers some problems.

In-app ads are common in the mobile space

In-app advertisements are a common way for app developers to generate revenue, especially those that specialize in developing free applications. Developers often sell empty space in applications to advertisers. Most of these ads are designed to be somewhat discreet, or at least out of the way of an application’s primary content. Google suggests, however, that a growing number of people are accidentally clicking these advertisements. While unintentional clicking may be a small problem for some people, mobile advertisements, especially those found in applications, often collect information from a mobile device upon consumer engagement.

Google takes steps to cut down on misclicks

Google is taking steps to curb accidental clicking in mobile marketing through the introduction of a new service for all Android smart phones. This service is meant to confirm all clicks that are made on in-app advertisements. With the new service, when a consumer click on an advertisement, their smart phone will ask if they truly want to follow the ad. If confirmed, the advertisement will play out as designed. Google does not expect that the new service will have any negative impact on mobile marketing campaigns.

New Google service may help mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is a popular way to get in touch with a new generation of consumer, but consumers are often agitated by accidental clicks. Curbing consumer frustration may actually help improve the acceptance of mobile marketing among consumers and help advertisers achieve more accurate analytic data that could help them craft better campaigns in the future.