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Mobile marketing nets Facebook more attention from investors

Facebook mobile marketingFacebook generates hype with focus on mobile marketing

Facebook is expected to report in full 2012 earnings by the end of January, which is likely to have investors paying close attention to the social networking company. Facebook went public in 2012, but experienced lackluster participation from investors, who were unwilling to meet the company’s own predictions of its share price. Investors are likely to be interested in the mobile advertising efforts that Facebook has been making in recent months. The company’s focus on mobile marketing may help rekindle the interest investors had in Facebook once upon a time.

Facebook adopts more aggressive stance in mobile space

Facebook has been introducing a multitude of new features in recent months. Many of these features are designed to make the social network easier to use by consumers. A significant portion of features have been added to benefit companies and advertisers looking to connect with these consumers. Mobile marketing has been one of the key focuses of Facebook in this endeavor, and the social network has been providing advertisers with better tools to engage their audiences.

Graph Search may be a major victory for Facebook

Earlier this month, Facebook introduced a new search function that opened the gateway for location-based services and better targeting of consumers for advertisers. The Facebook Graph Search, as it is called, allows marketers to make use of keywords to find promising demographics on the social network. These advertisers can then find out where these consumers live, what they like, and make use of other information that could be vital to the development of an engaging mobile marketing campaign.

Third quarter reports show that mobile focus has benefitted Facebook

Mobile marketing is expected to help Facebook see some growth. Thus far, Facebook’s focus on the mobile space has yielded significant benefits, with the company’s shares registering an increase of 35% in the third quarter of 2012. Whether the fourth quarter will produce similar results has yet to be seen, but investors are likely to pay close attention to the company’s future mobile marketing efforts, as long as Facebook can continue seeing progress therein.

Peoplecount report highlights benefits of location-based marketing

peoplecount reportPeoplecount investigates the effects of location-based information in marketing

Peoplecount, a leading market research firm, recently released a report on behalf of ADCentricity, a location-based solutions company, concerning the marketing prospects of location-based digital media. The report was based on an ADCentricity client in the insurance industry, which had been running a national marketing campaign targeting various demographics. The report highlights various factors of the marketing campaign and its reach to consumers, covering aspects such as brand awareness, message recall, purchase intent, influence, and basic audience demographics.

Marketing campaign sees high exposure and engagement

According to the report, more than 80% of consumers that had experienced the marketing campaign heard it over the radio, with 50% having seen some aspect of the campaign on a digital screen of some sort. Approximately 1% of the consumers surveyed by Peoplecount were not aware of the advertisement at all. Most of these consumers were able to aptly recall the advertisement.

Insurer targets specific demographics for products

The report shows that the insurance company behind the marketing campaign made use of demographic information to sell its products to a targeted audience. Peoplecount notes that 68% of these consumers already held an insurance policy that related to the same type of coverage the insurer was trying to sell. Approximately 10% of consumers had plans to purchase additional insurance coverage within the next year. Peoplecount found in its report that the marketing campaign saw the most success in venues that had high dwell times, such as gyms and doctor’s offices.

Geographic information helped campaign find success

The report highlights the benefits of using location-based information to target consumers. The insurance company behind the marketing campaign was able to use this information to target consumers that would be in locations with high dwell times. As a result, the insurer saw a great deal of exposure through its campaign. While the report does not document the impact the campaign had in terms of sales, it does show that location-based marketing is a powerful way to reach a target audience.