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IgnitionOne report highlights growth for advertisers


IgnitionOne documents the positive impact Thanksgiving shopping has had for advertisers

IgnitionOne, a leading provider of digiIgnitionOne Mobile Commerce Growthtal marketing solutions, has released a new report documenting the positive impact the Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend has had for advertisers. The firm suggests that from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, advertisers saw major growth in online searches, as well as other advertising fronts. The report shows that the holiday shopping weekend was a major success for more than just the retail industry and its endeavors in mobile commerce.

Spend and impressions on the rise

According to the report, advertisers saw search spend and impressions jump by 29% during the Thanksgiving shopping weekend over the levels they had been in the same period of 2011. Consumers also proved to be more responsive to the advertisements coming from marketers, accounting for a 23% increase in revenue. IgnitionOne suggests that the positive results marks a promising trend for the fourth quarter of 2012. The firm expects that the momentum gained by such a positive shopping weekend will carry on throughout the remainder of the quarter.

Paid search for smart phones and tablets continues to grow

Search advertising spending continues to grow, according to IgnitionOne, especially where mobile and tablet advertisements are concerned. More consumers are becoming reliant on their mobile devices, creating a promising opportunity for advertisers that are looking to engage consumers in a more dynamic way. The IgnitionOne report shows that paid search spend on smart phones has grown by 307% in the first half of the fourth quarter, with paid search spend for tablets up 231%.

Mobile technology continues to open new channels for advertisers

The report from IgnitionOne is the latest in a quarterly series that reviews the trends that exist in the online advertising space. The advent of mobile technology is expected to continue having a major impact on the way advertisers engage consumers, especially as more of these consumers turn to online channels to get what they want.

NFC technology beginning to gain foothold in advertising


Demand for interactivity spurs more support for NFC technology

Consumers are becoming more relinfc technology mobile commerceant on their mobile devices, using their smart phones and tablets to stay connected to each other and make daily life more convenient. The love that consumers have for mobile technology has created a promising opportunity for advertisers that are looking for ways to engage these consumers. In the past, these advertisers had turned to QR codes to engage mobile consumers. As technology has advanced, the wants of consumers have evolved, thus creating a high demand for interactive experiences. NFC technology may be the key to engaging these consumers on a level they are becoming more familiar with.

NFC begins to move beyond mobile commerce

NFC technology is most often used in the field of mobile commerce. In this field, the technology can be used to transform a mobile device into a payment platform. The success of NFC technology in mobile commerce has won it the attention of the advertising industry, which is on the lookout for new interactive technologies that could be used to catch the attention of consumers. NFC has been used sparingly in the past for marketing, but now the technology is gaining a swell of support from advertisers looking to move away from QR codes and provide consumers with a more engaging experience.

NFC tags able to grab the attention of mobile consumers

NFC tags are one of the more popular marketing tools that are being used in the marketing business. These tags, which are similar to stickers, can be affixed to nearly any surface and programmed to contain a wide range of digital content. When these tags are activated by an NFC-enabled mobile devices, such as a smart phone or tablet, consumers can experience the content embedded within the tags. This content can be anything from simple text to interactive video.

NFC technology could provide marketers with valuable consumer information

Beyond digital content, NFC technology can provide valuable information to marketers concerning the consumers that use NFC tags. These tags can gather information from a user’s mobile device, such as how long they were engaged by the content they activated and other analytic data. In this way, NFC technology could be a major boon for marketers looking to fine tune their campaigns to reach a specific demographic.