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Mobile games fans disappointed by latest Pokémon Go reveal

The newest announcement suggests that there still isn’t any release date for the Nintendo app.

Although there has been a great deal of hype drummed up with regards to the mobile games that will be produced by Nintendo, more specifically the “Pokémon Go” app, the company still has yet to indicate a release date, despite the fact that it has confirmed that the game has been in the development process for the last two years (at least).

Nintendo Direct also hasn’t provided any new Pokémon Go details concerning when it will be available.

Fans of Pokémon and of mobile games have been dying to get their hands on it since it was first officially announced in September, but now all they know is that the app is likely to be available at some point next year. Due to the very limited amount of information that has been released through official channels, fans and the industry, alike, have been circulating rounds of rumors that have made suggestions about the possible content of the game, a likely link to the release of Pokémon Z, and even of the release date itself.

The most recent unofficial news regarding the mobile game launch is saying it will be out on February 27.

Mobile Games - PokémonIf that is the case and it is released on February 27, 2016, then it would mean that the mobile app will be out on the twentieth birthday of the Pokémon game, itself, as the first release of the game was on that date in 1996.

Many of the rumors come with a lot of credibility except for the fact that there hasn’t been any confirmation over official channels. It is now widely believed that there will be more information of this nature available later in December, as the Japanese Coro-Coro insight magazine’s November issue promised that it would have more details about the game in its next edition.

All that is really known, so far, is that the mobile games – Pokémon Go and Pokémon Z will be compatible with augmented reality technology. That has been included in previous announcements made by Nintendo itself.

Augmented reality could go mainstream because of “Pokémon Go”

Nintendo’s new game could be what AR technology has been waiting for to become commonplace.

The Pokémon company has teamed up with Nintendo and the company recently separated from Google, Niantic Labs, in order to develop a game called “Pokémon Go” which will feature the use of augmented reality and that could be what the tech has needed to make it mainstream.

The companies are working together to make it possible for smartphone users to enjoy the game over real life.

The idea is that players will be able to use the augmented reality game to look for, duel, and trade their Pokémon in “real” life. This means that it will be possible to play the game everywhere from city streets to country fields. So far, there haven’t been too many details that have been released about this mobile game, other than a broad concept. There also hasn’t been a specific date set for the release of the game, though it has been indicated that it will become available in 2016.

The idea is that this massive mobile gaming franchise will bring augmented reality into the big time.

This brand and nature of the mobile game will already have appeal to players even before all of the details have been released, as the popularity of Pokémon is tremendous, and AR tech based mobile apps have been growing in use as the idea of overlaying digital content on the real world becomes better recognized.

In order to be able to play the mobile game app, there will likely be a great deal of demand on the device. For instance, while the game will be taking place on the device screen and not in reality, it will require that certain GPS components be active, and a relatively good data service will need to be accessible in order to interact with the game. Moreover, it will require that the player looks at the screen the majority of the time, so it could provide somewhat of a similar experience, in terms of actual game-play, to the Ingress augmented reality app, a previous product released by Nantic when it was still with Google.