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Gadgets and mobile devices from Samsung halted at the border

An import ban has now been imposed on wireless products from the manufacturer by the U.S.

Samsung Electronics, from South Korea, has just lost a massive legal battle against one of its main rivals, Apple, over a case regarding a patent violation, following the order of a ban made by the International Trade Commission (ITC) against the import of its mobile gadgets into the United States.

This is only the most recent in a huge basket of patent infringement cases among the leaders in mobile.

The largest mobile gadget makers in the world have all been tied up in dozens of patent infringement suits against one another. In this particular case, Samsung was deemed to have been infringing on two patents that belonged to Apple. These patents had to do with the headphones and the technology for the touch screens.

When the final verdict was made in Apple’s favor, it meant mobile gadgets violating the patents had to stop coming into the country.

U.S. Border and Samsung gadgetsThis means that Samsung mobile gadgets that use the touch screen technology and the headphones that are involved in the patent violate can no longer be imported, distributed, or sold in the United States. This doesn’t meant that all of the devices made by the company cannot be sold, but it does involve all of those found to be in violation of the patent.

At the moment, it is not yet known exactly how many gadgets from Samsung will be affected by this ban. The orders, themselves, have been sent to the desk of President Obama in order to receive his review. If he does not choose to veto the bans, then they will be put into effect and Samsung will be out of luck.

There are a number of different patent cases that remain pending between Samsung and Apple in several countries, as both of these companies work to broaden their market share in the sector of electronics and mobile devices and gadgets. These brutal battles have been going on for years and are expected to continue, if not worsen, along with the growth in popularity and complexity of the technologies.

Report highlights the growing presence of mobile commerce

mobile commerce reportMobile commerce becoming more prolific among consumers

Strategy Analytics, a leading market research firm, has released a new report that sheds light on how consumers are using their mobile devices for mobile commerce. The report, titled “67 percent of Smartphone Owners Use Devices In-Store – Consumer and Retailer Mobile Needs Explored,” suggests that the majority of consumers use their mobile devices for shopping. Mobile commerce has been growing in popularity among consumers for some time, with many considering it more convenient to shop with their mobile devices.

Majority of consumers use their mobile devices to shop

According to the report, approximately 67% of consumers use their mobile device for shopping. For many, this means augmenting an in-store experience using a smartphone or tablet, using their mobile device to find the best deals on products. Mobile payments are also popular among these consumers, especially as companies begin to offer better services in this regard. While mobile devices are often used in-store, the report shows that 61% of consumers use their smartphones and tablets to shop from home.

Retailers investing heavily in mobile commerce

The retail industry has been investing heavily in mobile commerce recently, hoping to capture the interest of tech-savvy consumers. Several companies, such as Tesco and Wal-Mart, have launched applications that make it possible to purchase products with nothing more than a mobile device. Google, as well as other technology companies, have also produced applications that serve as mobile payment platforms. These applications are becoming more prolific, giving a wider range of consumers an opportunity to participate in mobile commerce.

NFC technology may not be the future of mobile payments

The report shows that a great deal of the attention that is centered on mobile commerce revolves around NFC technology. NFC is one of the cornerstones of mobile payments, as it allows mobile devices to transmit financial information over a short distance. Strategy Analytics predicts that NFC technology will eventually fade away due to the lack of support for the technology and the security concerns that many consumers have due to the capabilities of NFC.