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National Cyber Security Awareness Month reminds us to keep our data safe

Local, state and federal agencies are using October to educate businesses, organizations and individuals.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month in the United States. Agencies at a federal, state and local level use this time to provide education about safe internet use. It is applicable to everyone from individuals to companies, organizations, charities, schools, universities and anyone else who connects to the internet.

This is a concern that is familiar to computer users but mobile security remains a low priority for many.

Despite the fact that many people are aware that their mobile devices can be hacked, the most basic steps are often ignored. A large portion of the population still has not taken the most primary steps to protect their mobile devices. For example, many people have not created a password to lock their devices. Moreover, those who have a mobile antivirus app installed remain in the minority. Cyber Security Awareness Month is designed to help improve this situation.

There are many threats that Mobile Security Awareness Month is hoping people will begin to recognize.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month - Mobile SecurityAmong the threats faced by mobile device users include: identity theft, viruses, phishing attempts, and online harassment. October is a good time for people to think about these concerns and take action to protect themselves against them.

Many of these efforts are exceptionally easy to implement and use. For instance:

• Parents can speak with their children about staying safe when using a mobile phone or tablet.
• Computers, smartphones and tablets should have antivirus and firewall software installed and activated.
• The added security features built right into the majority of smeartphones should be activated and used.
• Apps should be kept up to date for the most secure versions.
• Pay attention to suspicious ads, activities and behaviors and avoid opening or clicking on any of them.
• Back up files regularly and keep passwords strong – alternately use a secure password manager.

Cyber Security Awareness Month isn’t designed to frighten people. Only to educate them so they can keep their data safe. By taking these steps now, they will soon become second nature.

Mobile security offerings from Avast could be improved by latest acquisition

The antivirus software company has purchased a mobile app startup.

Avast has announced that it has acquired Inmite, a Czech-based mobile app developer, to help it become more mobile friendly and improve the mobile security it offers.

Inmite has developed several apps in the past for a variety of diverse companies.

The company has previous designed apps, particularly third party consumer apps for mobile television, mobile banking, a car purchasing app for škoda, and even apps for Google Glass. Previously it has also partner with Google and SAP.

According to Vince Steckler, Avast’s chief executive officer, Inmite’s 40 developers will essentially be revamping Avast’s user interface (UI). Steckler said that Inmite “primarily make consumer apps for third parties, so they have a heck of a lot of expertise in simplifying things.” The Avast team will grow to 80 as they hire on the additional 40 expert app developers.

Avast was founded in Prague in 1988 and has offices around the world in the U.S., China and Germany, but its main headquarters is located in the Czech Republic.

Avast is aiming to make its mobile security software more user friendly.

mobile security appA problem that many mobile security companies face is creating a practical app that is easy for consumer to use. Avast is hopeful that buying a company that is known for building innovative mobile apps could help it appeal to more mobile users. The challenge will be to build an application that is quite complex but that will be easy for consumers to understand how to use.

Steckler stated that “Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting smartphones and tablets – and consumers want our solutions to protect them from Wi-Fi attacks, phishing threats, or having their device lost or stolen.” He added that consumers want the freedom to know that when they use their device, it is safe in their hands. The company believes that Inmite will be able to meet the needs of its users around the world.

In addition, even though Avast does not really have any interest in integrating its software into third party devices or apps, it is interested in developing add ons. More specifically, it is interested in creating mobile security features that will improve the security of applications.