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Technology news is buzzing with LG’s new OLED “wallpaper” display panel

The tech giant has now created an incredibly thin 55 inch display that is less than 1 mm thick.

The display arm of LG has been making massive technology news headlines as it unveiled a new detachable organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel that has been compared to wallpaper in its thinness.

This wallpaper OLED display uses a magnetic mat to adhere to a wall with great ease and simplicity.

The panel is exceptionally thin, at 0.97 mm (which is the equivalent to 0.038 inches), and is also very lightweight, at only 1.9 kg (the equivalent to 4.18 pounds). The display is a 55 diagonal inch screen. Comparatively, the existing OLED panels that are currently on the market by LG are much “thicker” at 4.3mm, which is still an achievement as they are thinner than the slimmest smartphone in the world, the Oppo R5, which is 4.85 mm. It isn’t hard to tell why technology news headlines are on fire to cover this story.

The LG wallpaper panel was revealed in a technology news press event held in South Korea.

Technology News - LG OLED Wallpaper Display PanelThe technology industry is currently predicting that OLED panels will be the next hot evolution in display tech. They differ from the current LCD (liquid crystal displays) because they do not require backlighting in order to function. T he reason is that they are based on organic material that will emit its own light. Therefore, an additional backlighting unit is not required, making it possible to create a panel that is considerably thinner and more flexible than the current LCD displays.

That said, one of the primary barriers to the widespread use of OLED tech is that it is quite expensive. This has caused its delay to be quite slow, so far. Moreover, what makes this struggle worse is that there is a notably low yield rate to OLED panels. What this means is that a considerable percentage of those that are produced in factories will not comply with quality control standards, causing the expense associated with their production to rise.

The expectation is that technology news in the near future will be reporting on improvements in these areas as production techniques continue to improve. Reducing the waste associated with their manufacture will have a meaningful impact on the price tag that will be seen by the consumer.

Wearable tech uses geolocation features to track kids

GPS enabled devices allow parents to gain peace of mind by knowing where their children are.

One of the largest worries that parents carry with them all the time is whether or not their children are where they should be, and now wearable tech products are taking on that issue by using geolocation to allow guardians to be able to track the whereabouts of the kids under their care.

These GPS tracking units are designed to provide worried parents with peace of mind.

Since wearable tech has been exploding in products for adults or even pets, it makes sense that devices for children would start making their way to the market shelves, as well. The kidsport GPS is now available for pre-order and comes in the form of either a wristband or an ankle bracelet with promises to give parents an idea of where their kids are located at any given time.

The company behind this wearable tech claims that there is nothing else like it available to parents.

wearable tech tracks childrenAccording to Jason Hicks, the developer of this mobile device, “We did a lot of research and found out there just isn’t anything like this.” These gadgets are waterproof and are available in different bright colors. Moreover, it also comes with a number of emergency features. There is a panic button that children can push in case of abduction, which will send an alert to parents. Parents also receive a notification in the case the wearables are ever removed or cut off. They are compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android based devices.

The product is being marketed as a device that will give children the freedom that they deserve and that was available to their parents when they were small, but it will still give those parents the ability to know that their kids are where they should be. The advance sale price for these wearables is currently listed at $129.

Soon enough, these will be far from the only child tracking wearable tech devices that will be available to parents. LG Electronics has also unveiled their LG KizON which will be available in North American and Europe in the fall. That brand is already well into the wearables market with their LG G smartwatch as well as their LG Lifeband Touch. Their child focused product will operate for 36 hours on one charge and will function on 2G, 3G and WiFi networks.