Geolocation technology could play a vital role in shopping and security

Location based tech could entirely change the shape of the way that consumers function.

According to the results of the recent Emerging Tech Forum, and the discussions that were held with the executives from three hyper-local mapping startups, the range of applications for geolocation technology are considerable enough that they could entirely change the shape and nature of shopping and security in the not too distant future.

Consumers will be increasingly guided through their shopping experience by their smartphones based on location.

According to TRX Systems vice president, Ben Funk, it may not be too long before a shopper could find him or herself wandering down the aisles of a grocery store and receiving a mobile coupon over a smartphone based on a specific product that was being considered while browsing. The specific position of the shopper within the store could activate a geolocation technology based marketing promotion that is relevant to the products within that consumer’s sight.

The focus of the discussion was on hyper-local geolocation technology and its potential uses.

Geolocation Technology - Mobile Shopping and SecurityAlso present were Todd Marks, the CEO and president of Mindgrub, as moderator, as well as the marketing director of Funk, AirPatrol, Lauren Edwards, and the CEO of viaPlace, Scott Schelle. Each of the companies that participated in this forum focused on different elements of location based tech, including schedules and wayfinding, three dimensional location and mapping within indoor spaces, and finally mobile security based on position, which can offer smartphone disabling functions, among others.

The tech can provide consumers with a range of different potential options based on where they are and how that is detected by their cell phones. It can include everything from being able to find where something is located – such as a store in a mall or a product on a shop’s shelf – to receiving position specific marketing, or even detecting and acting on the unauthorized use of a mobile device or its apps.

Geolocation technology is rapidly growing in its use, particularly as its potential is more greatly understood. At the moment, it remains in its infancy, but its possibilities and cost effectiveness are proving highly appealing to retailers, marketers, and other businesses and industries.

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