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Halloween apps that help you embrace your spooky side

This year, the ghost and goblin-themed application trend is continuing with several fun options.

When you’re looking to get into the spooky spirit at this time of year, Halloween apps can be a great way to do it. Fortunately, developers know that and have created hundreds of options from which to choose. Still, with that number available, selecting the right ones can be a little daunting.

Some spooky apps are better than others, but here are some of the options getting the best reviews.

Whether you like Halloween apps that are truly haunting, or you just want something cutely creepy to keep your kids occupied as you check over their candy, there is something for you. These apps help you to stay in the right mood for the season and have fun while you’re doing it.

Halloween Apps - Jack-o'-lanternThat said, not all Halloween applications are games. Some of them play a useful role in trick-or-treating, too. For instance, they can help you to make sure you’re doing a good job watching over your kids as they go from door to door.

Check out some of the best rated Halloween apps before you head out on the spookiest night of the year.

• Ghost Lens 2 – this app brings you a spectrum of spooky filters so you can turn your Snapchat and Instagram pics into something truly hair-raising. You can also add haunting background music and video illusions.
• Glympse Track & Treat – this Halloween mobile app is back again this year to make it easier for parents to watch their kids. It can help kids to have a touch of independence without ever straying too far or being out of a parent’s reach. It helps parents to let their kids safely have fun without going overboard on holding onto them the entire time.
• Slender Rising – this game all takes players through spooky scenarios to discover various clues. At the same time, the Slender Man is after them and must be avoided. This villain is the original and most notorious urban legend the internet ever experienced.

With these fun and spooky Halloween apps, you’re sure to be in the spirit on Monday night.

Facebooks continues its push into mobile commerce

Facebook continues adding Buy buttons to advertisements

Facebook is looking to play a larger role in the in-app retail space, introducing a “Buy” button on advertisements that are featured on its social networking site. The company sees great promise in the mobile commerce space, but has yet to find any success therein. While many consumers access Facebook and other social media sites through their mobile devices, they have yet to rely on these platforms when it comes to shopping.

Retailers may benefit from new mobile shopping features being tested by Facebook

Facebook is not only including a Buy button on all its Canvas advertisements, it is also rolling out new features that will make it easier for retailers to sell products on their Facebook pages. These features are meant to give retailers a better way to engage mobile consumers, who are beginning to shop online more regularly with their smartphones and tablets. New mobile shopping features are currently being tested in the United States and Facebook has yet to announce a point where these features will see a worldwide launch.

Instagram is already finding some success in the mobile commerce space with its own Buy buttons

Faceook Continues to Push into Mobile CommerceFacebook’s Instagram has already become involved in the mobile commerce space. Instagram has rolled out Buy buttons on its advertisement formats, which have already proven quite effective for retailers. The social network is also relying heavily on consumer-driven discovery, with many Instagram users exposing their friends to new products that they may not have known existed before. This discovery is leading to more frequent mobile shopping among consumers, especially among those using social networks.

Mobile commerce is growing quickly in the Asia Pacific region, with social networks playing a more influential role therein

Mobile commerce is experience strong growth, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, where smartphone penetration is accelerating. In Hong Kong alone, mobile shopping has grown by 35% since 2012. Social networks are expected to play a much larger role in the continued growth of mobile commerce in the coming years, as consumers and retailers will rely more heavily on these platforms.