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Will Google and Facebook’s biggest mobile ad competition come from India?

InMobi, the global advertising giant, is working on giving the Silicon Valley companies a run for their money.

Eight years ago, InMobi was founded as an advertising company, which has since placed a considerable focus on the mobile ad ecosystem and has grown into the third largest player in an extremely intense sector of the marketing industry.

At the moment, only Google and Facebook are ahead of InMobi when it comes to the mobile ad space.

The company was first started by three graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, a prestigious postsecondary education institution. It is located in Bangalore, India and has managed to take off at a rate that has been explosive enough to pass everyone along the way except Google and Facebook. According to the chief executive of mobile advertising at InMobi, Naveen Tewari, “I am a very proud Indian and I want to see our country succeed.”

Among the goals of the founders of the company was to become major mobile ad players from within India.

Mobile Ad - Google, Facebook, IndiaTewari stated that “I thought if I could do something from here that can be successful, maybe I’ll have a small role in creating great companies out of India that can compete with the iconic companies in Silicon Valley.”

Today, there are 24 different InMobi offices located in 17 countries around the world. It is the employer of over 900 people. In 2014, it was behind the posting of approximately 720 mobile advertisements on the smartphones of over one billion mobile device users. The goal of the company is to deliver mobile ads to 2.5 billion people per day. It aims to achieve this goal within the next few years.

Much of the growth of this mobile advertising company has been credited to the massive penetration of smartphones and tablets worldwide. Enders Analysis director of digital media, Ian Maude, pointed out that “InMobi creates audience networks for advertisers to reach through mobile devices.”

Therefore, companies and brands hire app makers and other forms of digital publishers in order to be able to use proper mobile ad strategies to connect with their audiences over their handsets.

New mobile shopping service comes to India

InMobi launches new Miip platform that will bolster mobile shopping

InMobi, a prominent advertising platform, has launched a new mobile shopping platform in India that is meant to enable discovery-lead commerce, sometimes referred to as d-commerce. The platform is called Miip, and it already has the support of Amazon India, Paytm, a leading mobile commerce organization, and several other retailers. This support will allow Miip to reach 120 million consumers throughout India, which will result in an estimated 5 billion discovery sessions in the country every month.

Miip will leverage discovery commerce in order to aid retailers

Miip is meant to usher in a new era of mobile shopping, leveraging d-commerce as a powerful tool to help consumers find what they are interested in. According to InMobi, retailers, both large and small, are having difficulty getting consumers to discover and explore the products that they offer. Miip is meant to help resolve this problem by creating a personalized mobile shopping experience that will make it easier for merchants to expose consumers to the products that they have. InMobi believes that Miip will drive as much as 80% of new product discovery for merchants and the platform will work to foster the growth of mobile payments in the retail sector.

Mobile shopping is now a major influence on the retail space

Mobile Commerce - India Mobile ShoppingMobile shopping is becoming a major force in the retail space. According to Amazon India, more than 60% of its traffic comes from the mobile space, with a significant number of shoppers using applications in order to shop for and purchase products they are interested in. Mobile shopping is seen as a convenient way to participate in e-commerce, as mobile devices can be used anywhere and at any time, as long as they have access to a mobile network.

Retailers are trying to find ways to engage mobile consumers

India has established itself as a leading mobile market and mobile commerce has begun to thrive in the country. As such, many retailers in the country have begun to focus more heavily on the mobile space in order to better engage consumers. Some have had difficulty in doing so, however, and Miip may be able to provide assistance with this and help retailers modernize themselves.