Report highlights consumer concerns regarding mobile security

IDG Global Solutions has released a new report focused on the safety aspects of mobile commerce. The report notes that many people are willing to use their smartphones and tablets to shop online, but safety concerns keep them from doing so. High profile cyber attacks on retailers often discourage people from participating in mobile commerce, as they believe that their financial information is constantly at risk of exploitation. Poorly optimized mobile shopping platforms are also keeping people away from mobile shopping as well.

Retailers are finding it difficult to engage mobile consumers in an effective manner

The report notes that many people are visiting mobile websites from their smartphones and tablets, but retail sites have a problem with engaging these consumers effectively. Sites that do not have a retail focus are better equipped to handle mobile traffic, but many retailers have not yet figured out how to cater to the needs of mobile consumers, leaving them with poor online shopping experiences.

Consumers are beginning to favor their mobile devices over PCs and laptops

Mobile security protectionMany people are beginning to rely on their mobile devices almost exclusively when shopping online. The report shows that an estimated 40% of consumers have abandoned their PCs or laptops in favor of smartphones and tablets. Consumers appear to be particularly fond of tablets when it comes to mobile shopping, as their larger screens provide a more enjoyable shopping experience. Retail sites are somewhat more accommodating of tablet devices, but still suffer from effectively managing mobile traffic.

Security concerns are keeping people away from mobile commerce and many are uncomfortable with how retailers are using their personal information

Security is, perhaps, the most significant problem currently facing the mobile commerce space. Many people are cautious of visiting mobile retail sites because they do not believe that retailers are able to adequately protect their personal information. Some believe that retailers use their personal information for marketing purposes without permission. The security issue is affecting the adoption of mobile commerce among consumers in a negative way, giving people a reason not to shop online with their mobile devices.