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Mobile payments firm embraces the iBeacon

LevelUp begins incorporating iBeacon into its overarching mobile commerce platform

LevelUp, a mobile payments firm that leverages QR codes as a powerful commerce tool, has announced that it has begun integrating Apple’s iBeacon into its platform. The iBeacon is gaining ground as a mobile commerce tool because it serves as a sort of alternative to NFC and similar technologies. The iBeacon utilizes Bluetooth technology to alert consumers of special deals being offered by retailers as soon as they enter a physical store. The service can also be used for a wide range of marketing and commerce initiatives.

LevelUp finds success through its use of Apple’s iBeacon

LevelUp added support for the iBeacon to its platform last month, but has only begun promoting this technology aggressively recently. During the initial testing of the iBeacon, retailers using the technology alongside the LevelUp platform reported a 22% increase in consumer spending. LevelUp notes that the transactions coming from its “lapsed” user base increased by an average of 63%. The introduction of the iBeacon technology into LevelUp’s platform has been well received among those that are using the platform.

The iBeacon could soon become one of the strongest mobile commerce tools available to businesses

mobile payments firm embraces mobile commerce toolThe iBeacon allows retailers to instantaneously engage thousands of consumers in a single store with special offers. The technology can easily notify consumers of when a loyalty reward is available to them and those using the iBeacon can access these rewards quite easily. The technology is meant to add more convenience to mobile commerce while offering those using it a better way to engage consumers in an effective manner. The iBeacon currently serves as one of Apple’s most promising mobile commerce tools, but the technology itself has yet to see extensive use in the retail sector.

iBeacon allows businesses to keep track of consumer behavior and adapt accordingly

Beyond providing some convenience to consumers interested in mobile payments, the iBeacon also allows businesses to keep track of information concerning consumer behavior. This information can be used for marketing purposes or help retailers better cater to consumers that are becoming quite reliant on mobile technology.

Geolocation technology to be used at UK shopping center

A popular UK mall is using iBeacon technology for its special “Ladies Night”.

The marketing team at Meadowhall shopping center, located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, has developed a mobile app that uses geolocation technology, which will give its female shoppers the opportunity to take advantage of great deals and bargains during its “Ladies Night” event later this week.

Shoppers with the mobile app can receive real-time discount offers.

Meadowhall’s marketing team, in collaboration with technology startup TagPoints, developed the application. However, the app was not only designed for the upcoming event, but has also been created to work with specific events that are occurring throughout the shopping mall’s calendar. That being said “Ladies Night” will be its initial test.

When users download the app, real-time shopping deals from retailers in the mall will be sent directly to their mobile device. This is made possible through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) iBeacon technology.

When a shopper discovers a hotspot, a push notification is sent to their smartphone. All they need to do is tap the notification to activate the offer. Once activated, the offer can be redeemed immediately. Some of the participating retailers include: Hotel Chocolat, House of Fraser, Cath Kidston, and Krispy Kreme.

Meadowhall’s marketing director, Richard Pinfold, said “our upcoming Ladies’ Night event provides us with the perfect opportunity to launch this new platform. We will be closely monitoring our customers’ response to the trial to best manage the frequency and targeting of messages, and indeed the hotspot locations as a result.” He went on to say that iBeacon is an “exciting marketing concept”. It allows Meadowhall to connect with its shoppers and provide them with appropriate discounts and offers based on the customer’s location.Geolocation Technology - Mobile shopping app

The introduction of geolocation technology is only one of many new systems implemented by Medowhall.

In addition to the app that uses iBeacon, the mall has also put its MallComm app into action, which is an application designed to share information and news among retailers who trade at the shopping center.

Nonetheless, it is the hope of Meadowhall that their trials during this event will help to illustrate the usefulness of iBeacon geolocation technology to retailers and consumers, alike. Location based tech has been rapidly adopted among merchants around the world, but shoppers are more hesitant to take part as they are resistant to opt into programs that involve tracking. Should the technique be employed appropriately, however, this has the chance to become one of the most successful applications achieved, so far.