Mobile Gaming ChinaConsole ban may soon be lifted due to performance of mobile gaming

For over a decade, China has been a very poor market for the game industry. Ten years ago, the Central Government issues a ban on the manufacture, sale, and import of game consoles. While this has not stopped gaming from being an influential force in China, the market has been relatively stagnate since the ban was introduced. This ban may soon be abolished, however, due in no small part to the influence China has had on the mobile gaming space.

Mobile gaming unabashed by console ban

While consoles have been banned in China for several years, mobile gaming is not restricted to traditional systems. Instead, mobile games are entirely based on devices like smart phones and tablets. Because these devices cannot be considered gaming consoles, they are not susceptible to the ban instituted by the Central Government. The clout that the country holds in the mobile gaming market has become massive, accounting for some $6.38 billion during the fourth quarter of 2012. Apple held the majority of the Chinese market in thrall during this period.

China may become a very promising market for game industry

If China decides to rescind its ban on consoles, the game industry may be in for a major shift. Game developers and publishers have been itching for an opportunity to enter into the market, which is considered an untapped field of massive promise. The world’s largest console makers, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, are eager to enter into the market for t he same reasons. While lifting the ban could be good news for the game industry, it may also open the way for a new force to emerge therein.

Lifting the ban could allow Chinese companies to reshape the industry

If the Central Government does lift the ban, Chinese companies will be able to develop and produce their own consoles. Given the fact that two of China’s largest smart phone developers have produced devices that rivaled the iPhone and Android devices in the fourth quarter of 2012, such companies may be able to introduce a console that could dethrone the industry’s traditional heavyweights. A more accommodating atmosphere for gaming could also attribute a major amount of momentum to the country’s mobile gaming market.