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Top mobile games rank stolen from Candy Crush

That lead position has now been handed over to Fallout 4, which has managed to do what many thought was impossible.

It was starting to feel as though Candy Crush would be holding the title of the leader of mobile games until the end of time, considering that this is a tremendously popular app and it has been leading the way for about as long as the majority of us (considering that we have the attention span and short-term memories of goldfish) can remember.

But the crown appears to have been stolen from King, the developer of Candy Crush, as its lead has been overtaken.

The Apple Store is now showing that in terms of the number of downloads, the top spot among mobile games is no longer held by Candy Crush. The long awaited console simulation, Fallout 4 has now bumped Candy Crush out of the top three games in the United Kingdom for the first time since King.com released the addictive casual gaming app about three years ago.

The competition among mobile games has never been more fierce, with millions of dollars in daily revenues at stake.

Mobile Games - Candy Crush loses top spotThe companion mobile game app Fallout Shelter iOS, from Bethesda, has been created to give players the experience of being in control of a nuclear bunker. It was just released in mid June and has now already climbed high enough to knock Candy Crush out of the coveted top 3 leading positions among game apps, and has pushed it into the fourth spot.

While this can’t be good news for the publishers of Candy Crush, it certainly can’t come as too much of a disappointment to them, since they are still bringing in an estimated $2.36 million every day. Both of those titles continue to sit behind the apps that have been in the first and second spots, Clash of Clans and Game of War: Fire Age, respectively.

That said, while Fallout 4 has shown that it has been able to climb to a top position extremely quickly, what has yet to be seen is if it will be among the mobile games that will be able to hold onto one of those leading spots. Candy Crush has a kind of durability that others have failed to maintain when they have attempted to compete with it in the past.

Technology news: Candy Crush Saga maker’s IPO plans

The company behind the wildly popular and addictive mobile apps is seeking to raise $500 million.

The mobile app development company behind Candy Crush Saga, King, has made technology news headlines as it is to raise at least $500 million in an initial public offering.Technolgy News - Candy Crush

The British computer games company has said that its most popular mobile app generated 78 percent of its Q4 revenues.

This, and a number of other statistics were also released in this latest mobile technology news, including that approximately 93 million people play the Candy Crush Saga app every day. This, according to the documents that King filed with the United States SEC. That application is, by far, its biggest hit and its popularity continues to grow.

The technology news continued as the company revealed that the game brought in $1.9 billion last year.

According to King, this is a massive increase over the tremendous earnings it was already generating through the Candy Crush Saga in 2011, which were “only” $64 million. All of these figures were included in the pre-IPO documents submitted by the company.

At the same time, though, King still found itself in a pre-tax loss of $698,000 in 2011. The company managed to turn that around quite dramatically in 2013, showing a $714.3 million profit. The company is registered in Ireland and has its headquarters in London, but has filed to float under the ticker “King”, on the Nasdaq stock exchange in the United States.

Now the company must face its next challenge, which will be to win over investors and build their confidence after the mobile gaming sector has performed quite poorly and unexpectedly in the past. Many will surely be worried that they will only find themselves burned once again by the hype of this technology news and the opportunity that King appears to be presenting.

The first case that typically comes to mind was that of Farmville on Facebook. It was created by the mobile app development company, Zynga, a major competitor of King. It drew a tremendous user base and created a great deal of excitement before its 2011 floatation, after which it rapidly plummeted to about one third of its IPO price, as the company scrambled to try to come up with another equivalent success.