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Augmented reality shows tech-savvy consumers how bourbon is made

Beam Suntory has used AR technology as a part of a new smartphone based experience for customers.

Beam Suntory, the bourbon maker, has now launched a new augmented reality experience that has been designed to show its customers how its bourbon is made, in a new, interesting, and innovative way.

The company is now using the BlippAR app as a part of its “The Bourbon Revival” retail program.

This program and the augmented reality experience are available to customers at liquor stores, featuring the Knob Creek, Maker’s 46, and Basil Hayden bourbons. According to the Beam Suntory senior director of commercial marketing, Michelle Cater, “The liquor store is a saturated environment, so we need to truly stand out in order to reach new consumers and educate shoppers on bourbon.”

This augmented reality experience has been created to work with any smartphone, regardless of operating system.

Augmented Reality - Bourbon MakingCater stated that “Based on our research, we know that new bourbon drinkers are eager to learn more about what makes bourbon unique. With augmented reality technology, we are able to engage shoppers in an immersive and interesting way.” This particular The Bourbon Revival promotion requires the BlippAR free app to be downloaded by people who wish to participate and view the AR features.

Once the app has been installed, the AR technology codes that are posted on bourbon bottles and retail displays can be scanned. The mobile app them launches the 3D content that will appear on the user’s device screen, displayed overtop of the user’s actual environment. This makes it possible for the user to be able to interact with the bottle and create hologram-like versions of recipes and cocktails that are based on the product that they have scanned.

The primary goal of this augmented reality experience is to work as an introduction for the consumer to the different bourbons from Beam Suntory. This AR technology based experience also allows users to be able to understand the history of bourbon, learn how it is made, and to know the difference between this drink and whiskey. In fact, it even provides a “Bourbon Matchmaker” feature, which matches an individual’s own flavor and drinking preferences with the bourbon that they are likely to enjoy the most.

Collectible cards with augmented reality features launched by Sunny Queen

The egg farm company is now launching these fun additions to their products for consumers in Australia.

Sunny Queen, an egg farm company, has now announced that it has launched the first series of collectible augmented reality cards for families to be able to enjoy with their smartphones and tablets.

The collector cards are limited edition and will provide a range of different animated AR features.

The product comes in limited edition egg crates, providing a series of family friendly collector cards that are each augmented reality enabled. When a customer uses a smartphone or tablet with an AR app to view the cards, it allows animated characters to come to life on the device screens. This is not necessarily a new technology, as it has been appearing in a range of different types of industry and format, but this is the first time that it has been used for Australian consumer goods.

Sunny Queen has explained that it predicts that augmented reality will provide a unique new life for collector cards.

Augmented Reality - Image of Egg CrateJulie Proctor, the general manager of marketing and innovation at Sunny Queen, explained that “We wanted to do something special.” She also added that “We have gone to great lengths to ensure these are no ordinary collectible cards. The characters literally come to life through specialized animation techniques which will make collecting these cards and eating eggs particularly fun for families in Australia.”

In order to bring AR technology to this latest marketing strategy, the egg company partnered up with BCM, an advertising agency based in Brisbane. They also used Blippar TIM, the image recognition and AR app in order to make sure that what looks like regular collector cards could be transformed into a digitally enhanced experience.

Paul Cornwall, the managing director at BCM, said that “We knew we had to come up with something special for today’s digitally minded audiences.” He pointed out that children everywhere have access to a smartphone nowadays, which makes it possible for them to not only collect the cards in the traditional way, but also use mobile devices to view the augmented reality animations which “we knew had to be a winner.”