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BBM mobile app for Android downloaded over 100 million times

The BlackBerry Messenger application has now passed this vital milestone since its launch in 2013.

It has been a year and a half since the BBM mobile app first became available on the Google Play store so that it could be used by Android device owners, and now it has broken past a very important milestone, having reached 100 million downloads.

The BBM stickers have also been making some important progress, as they have been sent over one billion times.

Users on Android devices are hooked on the mobile app stickers from BBM, as they have sent them over one billion times in a period of a year and a half. This, and the increase in the downloads of the messenger app has, according to BlackBerry, helped to illustrate the “tremendous momentum” of their instant messaging service. That said, it is important to point out that the number of active users and the number of people who downloaded the service are not exactly the same thing.

The comments from BlackBerry about the popularity of the mobile app shows a considerable and ongoing confidence.

BBM Mobile App DownloadThe company has revealed that it strongly believes that its own efforts will continue to help it to push its mobile messenger app figures higher and it will work to take advantage of this considerable momentum.

Comparatively, when looking at other messenger application brands, such as ChatON from Samsung, that service has also broken the 100 million download mark at Android, but at the same time, it is not even being seen as valuable enough to be worthy of continuing onward. Samsung will be shutting down that service before the end of this year.

Equally, WhatsApp currently has 700 million active monthly users – not just downloads – and they exchange an average daily 30 billion messages. That represents a usage that is 50 percent greater than the international SMS message market.

Therefore, while the progress being made by the BBM mobile app should not be ignored, it is the growth that is important, not the actual milestone, so far, as it will have a long way to go before it can be considered a complete turnaround in this area, as well.

Apps from BlackBerry announced for other operating systems

The greatly struggling smartphone manufacturer has now unveiled its BBM for iPhone and Android users.

As the company had been indicating for some time, BlackBerry has now announced that its dedicated BBM messenger service apps are now available to Android and iPhone users very soon.

The BlackBerry Messenger service have now become available for sale on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

This means that the apps for BlackBerry Messenger will no longer be exclusively available to users of the devices from that manufacturer. They are now available for free for the devices based on the operating systems of the leaders of the smartphone market, Android and iOS.

These free apps becoming available for Android and iPhone are only one of many recent announcements from the company.

Apps - Blackberry messenger app for other operating systemsThe unveiling of the apps for other smartphones came directly after the company launched yet another smartphone device into the marketplace. It also revealed that it would be laying off 4,500 employees, as the company flounders in losses from a lack of sales.

These messenger apps allow smartphone users to be able to share information and chat with up to 30 different users within a single conversation. It also uses a unique PIN to ensure that the users’ privacy will remain secure. That number is not just a password for signing into the program. Instead, it can be used to boost security when deciding whether or not contact information and other data should be shared with the other people who are involved within the conversations.

As BlackBerry takes these steps into the iOS and Android marketplaces, it is leading many people to speculate with regards to whether or not this is a last ditch effort from the company to attempt to compete in yet another marketplace. The messenger service apps market is already swamped with competition, with leaders that have already established themselves, including WeChat, WhatsApp, and Line.

The BBM apps became available to Android smartphones over Google Play download as of September 21, and iPhone users started downloading from the App Store starting on September 22. The number of downloaders and users has yet to be seen.