BBM is now available to Windows Phone 8 users

The highly popular BlackBerry Messenger app has finally been released for those mobile device users.

BlackBerry has now announced that the long awaited release of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for Windows Phone 8 has finally arrived, so those users can begin their downloading of the service so that they will be able to communicate with their friends, family, and work contacts through the mobile app.

The popular instant messenger app has already been a hit on smartphone platforms other than its own.

Earlier this year, BlackBerry released BBM for Android mobile device users and then for Apple’s iOS users, as well. Now, a few months later, the Canadian handset maker is jumping into another platform as it releases the service for Microsoft’s mobile operating system, as well. This is one of a range of different efforts that the company has been making in order to claw its way back to relevance once again, after experiencing one of the largest freefalls ever seen by the mobile sector.

The BBM app for Windows Phone remains in its beta, but it offers the same type of functionality for which it is known.

The beta version of the BlackBerry Messenger app still provides its users with chat, group chat, and even the broadcast functionality that the other versions of the application have to offer. This will allow users to be able to download and use it as it is updated and perfected until its official launch.

The company has also revealed that it intends to provide those users with a larger number of features in the not too distant future. A version two update will come with a range of new features that smartphone owners will be able to use but that are absent in the current version.

The BBM application is only one of a range of high profile mobile apps that have been making their way to the Windows Phone Store over the last few months. Although virtually ignored for quite some time, the Microsoft operating system is starting to draw some attention from important developers. Another recent addition that was seen to this marketplace was Adobe Photoshop Express, which drew considerable media and consumer attention.

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