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BlackBerry PRIV apps have already arrived at the Play Store

The first smartphone from the company based on Android will start shipping in under two weeks.

The first among the signature BlackBerry PRIV apps for the first smartphone powered by Android that has been made by handset maker have now been uploaded to the Google Play Store.

This has been done in anticipation of the release of the smartphone, which is expected in mid-November.

Among the signature BlackBerry PRIV apps that have already been uploaded to the Play Store are the DTEK for the brand as well as the launcher, keyboard and the camera application. At the moment, it doesn’t appear as though it is possible for people without that specific smartphone to download those mobile apps. Attempts have been reported online and have stated that other device users simply receive a message that says that the apps are not compatible with their devices. This has come as a disappointment to consumers who had been hoping to be able to try out BlackBerry’s keyboard on their own smartphones, for example.

The benefit of the BlackBerry PRIV apps at the moment comes from the descriptions of the features.

Blackberry PRIV apps in Google PlayThe descriptions that have been shared for these mobile apps are now providing those who are curious about the devices with a window into the details of several of the features that would be available in the upcoming smartphone.

The DTEK description provides an especially clear view of the app. Until now, BlackBerry has not provided a great deal of information with regards to its functionality and has said only that this application will make it possible to be able to better manage their smartphone security and safety levels. However, the description that has been posted on Google Play with regards to this signature app has shown a much larger amount of information. It has offered a comprehensive overview of the various permissions that the user must grant to the application that they will have installed onto the PRIV.

Furthermore, those BlackBerry PRIV apps are able to scan the device of the user in order to provide the owner with suggestions with regards to what they can do to better enhance their device security.

BlackBerry PRIV available for pre-order in Canada

The first Android based smartphone from the vendor can now be purchased by Canadians.

Canadians have now become the first consumers to be able to buy a BlackBerry PRIV in advance of its release, which is expected to occur in mid-November, though the company has yet to officially release a launch date.

The PRIV will be the first BlackBerry handset to be based on Google’s Android operating system.

This device has now been opened up for preorders within the Canadian market. Though there is no date published for the release of the BlackBerry PRIV, the company is hoping that consumers will start to get on board in buying the device ahead of time, when they know that there is an imminent launch date ahead – even if they don’t know exactly when that will be. This will represent the first time a smartphone from the company will be running on an operating system that was developed by a company other than itself.

The company is hoping that the BlackBerry PRIV will help to revive its floundering handset sales.

Since there is a relatively small BlackBerry customer base at the moment, the majority of developers have stopped creating mobile apps for that operating system. Instead, they have chosen to develop apps for Apple’s iOS and for Google’s Android, where the markets are exponentially larger. This drop in app available has caused BlackBerry to lose a tremendous amount of interest from customers.

Recently, it attempted to create a new appeal for its devices by making it possible for Android apps to be run on BlackBerry 10 through the Amazon app store. However, that didn’t produce the results for which they were hoping.

Now, the BlackBerry PRIV will take this effort a step further by dropping the BlackBerry operating system and using Android, instead, while still providing the hardware features that consumers have come to enjoy from the company. In this way, consumers will be able to use the brand’s smartphone but will still be able to download apps from Google Play, which offers far more applications and a much larger number of favorites than the company’s own offerings.