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Bitcoin app allowed back by Apple after policy reversal

This has opened up the opportunity for iPhone users to be able to send and receive the virtual currency.

Apple has now made the decision to allow the Bitcoin app back into its store so that iPhone users will be able to join Android smartphone owners in being able to send and receive this virtual currency through the use of their devices.

Until this change was made, the ability to make the transactions was limited to Android devices.

While the Google Play store has long been permitting mobile application developers to create smartphone Bitcoin app wallets so that device users can make exchanges of that alternative currency, Apple has blocked it from its own App store. That has meant that if iPhone users wanted to take their Bitcoins with them wherever they went, they were simply out of luck.

This blockage of the Bitcoin app created a considerable uproar that looked as though it was being ignored.

Bitcoin appClearly, this was not the case. The objections did not fall on deaf ears, and Apple has now reversed its policy to block the currency and is now allowing mobile wallet apps that allow it to be transmitted, provided that they comply with the law. Apple has long appeared to be working against cryptocurrencies as it has blocked the applications of several different forms, beyond Bitcoin. Altcoin also found its wallets stopped.

It is clear that Apple was not necessarily against the cryptocurrency, as it still allowed a range of applications that had to do with them, such as price tickers and news feeds. However, the company’s policies stated that the wallets would not be allowed if they facilitated the sending and receiving of those digital funds. It has been assumed that they were attempting to avoid stepping into the field of government monetary regulations.

Now, the regulatory guidelines have been changed at Apple, so that they now include a provision regarding developers seeking to create a Bitcoin app that will allow its users to send or receive this form of digital payment (most commonly in the form of a wallet). The revised guidelines are located in section 11.17.

Mobile app from Bitcoin expands further with iPhones

This digital currency has been exploding over the last short while and is now compatible with Apple.

The Bitcoin Wallet was once simply a mobile app for payments that would allow its users to be able to use its own digital currency “bitcoins” to be able to split the tab at restaurants, but it has recently grown in its possibilities and it is taking off around the world.

This smartphone wallet is increasing by a rate of about 5,000 users each day, up from 500 daily at the start of 2013.

The Bitcoin mobile app has found its way into headlines virtually every day last week, including everything from a college student’s incredibly successful effort to use a QR code combined with his wallet to gain payments by holding up a sign during a televised football game to giant national announcements regarding the technology. Mid week, Alan Greenspan, the former Federal Reserve chairperson, discussed his views on the virtual currency. At the end of the week, the central bank in China announced that it was banning financial institutions in the country from handling transactions using Bitcoins. That announcement happened after an 89 percent value increase caused investors in that country to surge in their interest.

Many people feel that this mobile app provides greater payments convenience than what is out there.

Mobile App - Bitcoin mobile paymentsThe use of the application for making a transaction is essentially as simple as sending a text. This helps to explain why there are now hundreds of different programs using Bitcoins, including both Google Play and the Apple App Store. This is causing many consumers to choose to spend this type of virtual currency for making rapid transactions, instead of opting for cash. This includes splitting a bill at a restaurant or paying for food, but it is expanding into other areas, as well.

The interest that the world is now starting to see in this virtual currency has caused Bitcoins to skyrocket in their value. Last week, they broke all of their own previous records when they exceeded the $1,000 mark. That said, it is believed that the long term success of this mobile app is heavily dependent on how well it is adopted and how it continues to make sure that it is properly configured for use by smartphone and tablet users.