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Mobile entertainment service under development at AT&T

According to the telecom company’s CEO, Randall Stephenson, it will soon be taking this big step.

Telco giant, AT&T currently has a mobile entertainment service in the works, according to its CEO and chairperson, Randall Stephenson, who recently spoke on the subject at an investor conference.

Stephenson discussed the company’s intentions to launch a service to compete with Go90 from Verizon.

The CEO also stated that AT&T plans to use this new mobile entertainment service as a part of an aggressive effort to provide an OTT content bundle for people who are not satellite television subscribers and who have either a single home television or who prefer to view their entertainment media over mobile. He pointed out that there are currently an estimated 30 million homes in the country that don’t subscribe to pay television services.

Through mobile entertainment services, AT&T is “very interested” in reaching more cost-conscious consumers.

Mobile Enteratinment - at&tStephenson also said that the company would soon be discussing this mobile media service in much more detail. That said, it was not at all made clear whether or not the service would be made available in the very near future or if consumers would need to wait for some time before they would be able to take advantage of this new choice.

Aside from the exclusively mobile technology side of the spectrum, Stephenson said that the company would soon be making an announcement with regards to premium content package. That announcement is expected to be made in January. What is expected is what the CEO called “mobile stacked content together with a really robust wireless asset.”

These announcements were made by the CEO while he spoke at the 43rd Annual Global Media and Communications Conference, which took place in New York. Though analysts were expecting him to offer more details for analysts following the DirecTV acquisition, that wasn’t the case.

Instead, he focused most of his attention on discussing the two primary ways in which content would now be delivered and the fact that they are “buying a big bundle of content” and that they “are also streaming the content to a mobile device.”

Samsung begins testing its new mobile payments service

Invite-only beta even launched by Samsung

Samsung has opened beta testing for its new mobile payments solution, Saumsung pay. The invite-only beta has opened approximately one month before the service is set to launch to the public. Like other mobile payments solutions, Samsung pay will allow users to make payments using nothing more than their mobile devices. These payments can be made at physical stores and online, with many retailers already having shown support for the service.

Samsung Pay is equipped with technology developed by LoopPay

Samsung Pay is based on technology developed by LoopPay, which Samsung had acquired earlier this year. The technology allows retailers to accept mobile transactions without having to purchase additional hardware. Other mobile payments service require retailers to use hardware that is able to decipher the information used by these services. This is because most mobile payments services make use of NFC technology, which requires complimentary hardware in order to be used effectively.

Samsung will face competition from both Apple and Google when it comes to mobile payments

samsung - mobile payments testingWhile Samsung will face major challenges in the mobile payments space, it believes that it will be able to compete effectively within the growing market. Samsung is facing down competition from Apple, which has already launched its own mobile payments service and has plans to expand the service in the coming months. Google is also expected to join the fray soon with the launch of its own payments service, called Android Pay.

Qualifying for the beta event requires consumers have Bank of America or US Bank cards

In order to be eligible for the beta test of Samsung Pay, consumers will have to have a Bank of America or US Bank card. While the service will support other payment cards at launch, only cardholders from these two banks will be eligible for a beta invite. Consumers will also have to have a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge device from AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or U.S. Cellular. Those without these devices will not be able to make use of Samsung Pay during the beta testing period.