ScanLife sees increase in QR code performance on Black Friday


QR Code Black FridayScanLife  reports on the performance of QR codes

ScanLife, a leading mobile engagement platform, has released a new report concerning the performance of QR codes during this year’s Black Friday. Black Friday was heralded as a monumental day for mobile commerce and the day itself did not disappoint. Several retailers have reported positive gains in the wake of Black Friday, largely due to the various mobile commerce ventures they had in place for the holiday season. Though QR codes are not often linked with mobile commerce, ScanLife notes that the codes saw a great deal of positive attention on Black Friday.

Codes beginning to break away from marketing

QR codes are most often used in mobile marketing as a way to engage mobile consumers. The codes are proficient in this task, though relatively rarely used by actual consumers. Recently, QR codes have been growing in prominence in the mobile commerce space, where they are being used to provide information concerning particular products or link to an e-commerce site. Typically, the codes receive modest attention from shoppers, but were able to attract a lot of use on Black Friday.

ScanLife sees 50% increase in QR code engagement

According to ScanLife, mobile barcode scans rose over 50% higher than the daily average on Black Friday. ScanLife itself processed more than 250,000 unique scans during the shopping day, with 75% of all scans coming from QR codes rather than any other barcode. The consumer electronics and retail industries saw the most traffic through QR codes during Black Friday.

Codes could become a staple in mobile commerce

Though QR codes are often criticized for the poor engagement statistics, they served a vital role during the holiday shopping weekend. The codes helped make mobile commerce a success during Thanksgiving day and Black Friday. The performance of the codes may help encourage retailers to make use of them to further mobile commerce and shopping initiatives. The codes could also be used in virtual “pop-up” stores, where they can be scanned by consumers to purchase products.

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