New technology could make mobile payments even more convenient

LoopPay’s new technology is meant to make mobile commerce more accessible to a winder range of consumers and businesses

LoopPay, a mobile commerce firm, may be able to make mobile payments more convenient with its new technology. The firm has developed a  small copper loop that is meant to be affixed into a smartphone case or other accessory. When an alternative current is sent through this loop, it can communicate with standard payment systems, such as those used in retail stores to accept credit and debit card payments.

Cooper loop can give nearly any mobile device the ability to make payments in physical stores

The simple copper loop has the potential to make mobile payments much more simpler than they had been in the past. Most modern mobile commerce platforms rely on NFC technology, which allows a mobile device to send digital information over a short distance. In order for retailers to accept NFC-based mobile payments, they must have a point-of-sale system that is equipped with NFC technology. For many retailers, investing in this technology is an expensive endeavor, which is why so many have avoided the mobile commerce field.

New technology could reduce the need for NFC

LoopPay’s new technology can remove the need for these investments, enabling businesses to accept mobile payments with their existing point-of-sale systems. This technology can also provide those without NFC-enabled smartphones a way to pay for products in physical stores without having to use payment cards or physical currencies. These payments would be processed through LoopPay and the simplicity of this service could make the firm much more competitive in the mobile commerce field.

Rumors suggest that LoopPay has begun working with Samsung

Rumors have begun to circulate about LoopPay’s potential partnership with Samsung. According to these rumors, the two companies are working together on a mobile commerce platform that Samsung plans to launch in the near future. Other rumors suggest that the new technology from LoopPay will be incorporated into Samsung’s next smartphone, potentially the Galaxy S6. Neither company has confirmed working together, however, and these rumors remain little more than speculation.

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