Mobile payments coming to iOS with the help of PayPal

Mobile Payments PayPal iOSPayPal aims to make mobile payments more iOS friendly

PayPal has high hopes for mobile commerce and the company has been working to make mobile payments easier for everyone over the past two years. The company has taken note of the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, as well as the fact that many consumers prefer to shop using these mobile devices. In order to make mobile payments more universally available, PayPal has been working to develop alternatives to NFC technology, which has long been a cornerstone of mobile commerce.

New SDK allows iOS developers to craft mobile commerce applications

This week, PayPal has launched a new software development kit (SDK) for the iOS platform that will allow developers to create mobile payments systems for the operating system. Last year, Apple launched the iPhone 5, which had been speculated to include some form of NFC technology for the sake of mobile commerce. When the iPhone 5 was officially released, it did not actually support NFC technology, which garnered Apple a significant amount of criticism from consumers. Many claimed that the company would be unable to compete in the mobile payments arena because it had abandoned NFC technology. Apple, however, claimed that the technology was neither secure nor practical enough to facilitate mobile commerce. PayPal shares in this belief.


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Developers demand ways to bring mobile commerce services to iOS consumers

The new SDK opens up a new avenue for mobile payments to come to the iOS platform without having to rely on NFC technology in any way. PayPal CTO Jame Barrese notes that the company listened to the demands of developers who wanted the ability to create mobile commerce solutions for iOS devices. Using the SDK, these developers will be able to implement PayPal’s payment system into a mobile application designed for iPhones and iPads. Consumers can use these applications to make mobile payments.

Mobile commerce expected to reach new heights this year

PayPal is quickly becoming a very powerful force in the world of mobile commerce. The company expects to see mobile sales grow to new heights this year as more consumers favor making purchases from their smartphones and tablets. Mobile payments are expected to continue growing in prominence as new services, such as PayPal’s new iOS SDK, become available to developers, who can use these services to craft effective mobile commerce applications.

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