eBay gets aggressive on mobile commerce

ebay mobile commerceMobile commerce continues to attract the attention of eBay

eBay has been seeing strong growth in recent months. The past year has been very successful for the online retailer, partly due to the company’s increasing focus on mobile commerce. As more consumers begin to rely more heavily on their mobile devices in their daily lives, they are opting to use their smart phones and tablets to shop and bank. This growing trend holds promising prospects for eBay’s future growth and the company has come to embrace mobile commerce aggressively.

CEO expects commerce to evolve quickly in the near future

eBay CEO John Donahoe has been speaking out about the company’s interests in mobile commerce recently. Donahoe is a strong advocate for mobile commerce in general and has been working to direct the company toward new ways to accept mobile payments. The CEO has suggested that mobile commerce could be a major boon for retail, especially that which is restricted to the digital world. With more people adopting mobile devices, Donahoe believes that mobile commerce will change over the next three years than commerce in general has over the past decade.


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Security is a major concern with consumers

The adoption of mobile commerce has yet to show signs of slowing down. Consumers all over the world have shown a strong interest in using their mobile devices to make purchases, but many people still have concerns over the practice. Security is the most significant of these concerns. Adoption of mobile commerce may be high among consumers, but it has yet to reach its full potential because of the security concerns that many consumers have. Until mobile payments can be made more secure, mobile commerce will continue to experience complications in the adoption process.

eBay opening up mobile commerce for other retailers

eBay accounts for approximately 20% of all e-commerce transactions throughout the world. The company represents a very strong commerce platform that has enabled to emergence of new retail groups for several years. By adopting a stronger focus on mobile commerce, eBay is also opening up new avenues of business for the retailers that rely on the company’s platform.

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