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Gadgets: Cases That Can Keep Your iPhone Dry

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It seems as though these days you can do practically anything you want with an iPhone. You can see satellite images of your own home, use it as a remote control for your TV, or even use it to scan documents. The only thing you seemingly can’t do is take it in the water with you. However, with these revolutionary cases, you can put your fear of getting your phone wet to rest by sealing it off with a strong and sturdy waterproof case.

The DriSuit Endurance

The DriSuit Endurance is everything that its name indicates; it’s like a dry suit that you can dress your iPhone in. In most cases, submerging an iPhone in liquid would practically ruin the device. But the cool thing about the DriSuit Endurance is that the case contains a liquid that makes it possible to use the phone underwater.This case is currently priced at $69.99.

The Ballistic Hydra

The Ballistic Hydra case is one that is no stranger to keeping iPhones all around the world dry. The case comes in a few different colors for those who are keen on personalization, and it is equipped with strong rubber flaps that keep the iPhone’s ports dry and secure. If you don’t want to use the case every day, you can easily slip your phone in and out of it–a valuable feature for those who are used to the painstaking process of getting their phones in and out of tough cases. The Ballistic Hydra is priced at $80.

The Concord Keystone Eco Slimphone covers gadgets for phones

The Concord Keystone line has been around for quite some time, but just recently the new Eco Slim model was added to provide a thin and waterproof solution for iPhone users who want to take their phone on the go with them to aquatic places. The only downfall that currently plagues the Eco Slim model is its closed-off headphone jack, but you probably won’t need it if you plan to be in the water. If you must have your audio, the best solution is to pair Bluetooth headphones with the device. This model comes in a variety of colors, and it’s currently priced at $49.99.

The Incipio Atlas

Many users of the slim Otterbox design will appreciate the Incipio Atlas case. It comes in a variety of colors, and it is designed with portability in mind. By sealing off all ports and jacks on the phone case, it becomes waterproof and ready for any splashing or submerging. Even if the case fails and water seeps in, the case manufacturer offers a limited warranty that covers repairing or fixing your iPhone. How’s that for customer service? This case can be purchased for $65.

The Griffin Survivor Waterproof

The Griffin Survivor Waterproof is yet another solid solution to waterproofing your iPhone. Griffin has been a longtime provider of tough cases for iPhone users and recently released the Survivor Waterproof model. The case is clear, and it comes with a convenient hand-strap that eliminates the risk of accidentally dropping your device. This iPhone case is available for $69.99.

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The Best Games to Enjoy on the Go on a Surface Pro

The Surface Pro is an unusual device from Microsoft that aims to bridge the gap between mobile computing and on-the-go computing. This is a device that marries a touchscreen interface and sleek proportions with a full desktop environment that allows you to run all your legacy software as you normally would. If it’s successful and if more devices like it emerge (such as the Iconia W3 – an 8” Windows 8 tablet!) then it will change the face of computing and mobile gaming forever.

When you game on the Surface Pro you’ll find that you have two main options: one being to play games from the Windows Store that are designed for a touchscreen interface and the short-bursts of gameplay that suit mobile gamers, the other being to play full PC games that can run on the device and that still work well on the move. Here we will look at the very best from each camp – install these games and you should be able to enjoy a whole new kind of mobile gaming.

1. Halo: Spartan Assault

It’s strange to me think that more fuss wasn’t made about this one: a completely new Halo designed specifically for Windows 8 to support a touchscreen input. Okay, so it’s not on a par with Halo 3 by any means, but this dual stick top-down shooter works brilliantly with thumb controls and supplies all the same atmosphere and action as the FPS games in the series. It’s a fantastic showcase for gaming on a Surface Pro or RT and really does ‘bridge the gap’ between PC games and conventional ‘mobile’ games. It’s only cheap too, so I highly recommend checking it out!

2. Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is a fantastic Indie Game available on Steam that lends itself perfectly to being played on the go thanks to the short-yet-super-challenging levels. It doesn’t support touch input, but if you have the touch cover then it’s completely playable on the train or wherever else you happen to be.

3. Gravity GunMobile best games

Gravity Gun is an endless runner game, but one of the ones that features different levels rather than tedious randomly generated challenges. What makes it great though is the seriously high-octane nature of this challenge which will have your heart racing and your palms sweating. Tons of fun in a great pick-up-and-play mobile games.

4. Jetpack Joyride

Okay so this one is one of those randomly generating endless runners, but again the high speed of the game combined with the variety on offer here makes it a rare instance where that doesn’t go against it. There are plenty of challenges to keep you going, and it feels almost as though it was made to be played on the Surface on your commute.

5. Bleed

Bleed is an insanely intense indie shooter that’s once again available through Steam. This one is impossible with anything but a controller, but that doesn’t stop it being one you can play on the go – just get a receiver on Amazon and you can play on the move with your Xbox 360 controller.

There are plenty of other great games to enjoy on a Surface Pro that lend themselves to its mobile nature, including Darksiders through OnLive (which lets you use a touch screen input), Portal 2 (with the Xbox controller to show off the 3D capabilities of the Surface), Chimpact and of course Angry Birds. Check out reviews online and step into the future of mobile gaming!


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