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Sandboxing in the workplace

Whether your company has an official policy on bringing your own device or not, employees are increasingly doing work on their own tablets, smartphones, laptops and personal computers. CIOs reported 28 percent of their employees were working on their own devices at least part of the time, According to a recent global survey reported by PWC. Gartner predicts that this number will rise up to 70 percent by 2018.

Security issues, data integrity, MDM (mobile device management) logistical problems, and compliance difficulties all arise from bring your own device. BYOD policies benefit from reducing technology overhead and learning curves, as well as increasing employee satisfaction since they’re using a device they prefer personally. The education sector in particular has been heavily promoting bring your own device, for both students and faculty. According to Ed Tech Magazine, 85 percent allow some form of BYOD. This allows the schools to expand the way students learn, although it does open up major security issues. One way to mitigate a number of the issues that come with this concept is through sandboxing.

What is Sandboxing?

A sandbox, in this context, refers to creating an isolated virtual environment on the smartphone. It doesn’t interact with the operating system, apps or data on the personal device. It limits access to system files and other device resources, making it harder for viruses and other malware to gain a foothold, according to TechHive. One of the leading forms of sandboxing in the mobile environment is Blackberry’s Enterprise Service, which handles mobile device management.

Blackberry Enterprise ServiceMobile Commerce Sandboxing in the workplace

Blackberry has always had a reputation for solid, enterprise level mobile technology that puts security concerns as the top priority. Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 is a powerful tool for a system administrator who is tired of pulling his hair out over unsecured personal smartphones connecting to company network resources. It supports Blackberry 10, Android and iOS platforms, so you can integrate pretty much anyone’s device who wants to use it on the network.

How it Works

All of the devices are managed through a central control panel, making the IT administrator’s job much easier, as the application is also capable of being run on a single server. The main feature of Blackberry Enterprise Service is the Secure Work Space. This is a sandboxed environment that can be controlled by the administrator to meet any government compliance policies and regulations. It also includes a firewalled connection, so you don’t have to put out any additional funds for a virtual private network to connect your mobile devices with. The Blackberry phone already has a sandboxing feature built in called Blackberry balance. It creates two distinct work spaces, one personal and one business. The work space side of the app is completely encrypted and secured to mitigate potential security issues.

If you’re going to allow or promote bring your own device policies in your workplace, you need to have mobile device management in place ahead of time. Otherwise, you’re going to come into work one way with everyone shouting about a massive customer data breach that’s tanked your stock numbers.

Have you used a form of sandboxing in your workplace before?

PassionTag Launches In-Image Digital Marketing Platform to Drive Brand Engagement

Consumers Share Their Passions and Engage with Brands by Creating and Collecting SmartTags Shared through Social Channels

Mountain View, Calif. – August 7, 2013– PassionTag, a technology provider of dynamic in-image digital marketing and commerce solutions, today unveiled the company’s platform designed to redefine how consumers express their passion through digital images and how brands effectively use social, mobile and digital tools to drive affinity and revenue.

PassionTag is the first mobile application that allows consumers to ‘tag’ their passions through the photos shared on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, and SMS. With PassionTag, they can turn a static image into an interactive photo containing actionable tags that extend the story they want to tell.

PassionTag’s in-image digital marketing platform enables deeper brand and customer engagement through SmartTags. With the creation and management of PassionTag’s in-image placement of SmartTags, photo sharing is transformed into a powerful, action-oriented channel enabling deeper brand engagement through the image. The call to action contained in the SmartTag is experienced through the social applications PassionTag has developed to work in sync on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, or on

PassionTag enables brands and consumers alike to easily create SmartTags which can be shared, collected and customized. PassionTag’s SmartTag technology enables a “digital backpack” of trackable and transactional actions which can be attributed to most any image, thereby significantly improving the value and utility of an image. By turning photo-sharing into a pervasive, revenue-generating peer-to-peer ecosystem, PassionTag’s Smart Tags enable a shift from a value-based transaction to a value-based partnership.

Photo sharing is one of the fastest growing segments of the social web, and we are excited about the potential our technology holds for delivering an engaging user experience that creates incremental revenue for brands, non-profit organizations and eventDigital Marketing Social Media management producers,” said Thomas Moewe, CEO of PassionTag. “Our technology elevates the role of the image, dramatically improving the consumer’s experience with photo sharing while enabling brands to turn static images into dynamic, actionable photos.”

Among other clients, Dragon Con, Atlanta’s internationally known pop culture, fantasy and sci-fi convention has partnered with PassionTag. The PassionTag app will allow Dragon Con’s fans to tag their photos with any of a dozen Dragon Con-related SmartTags, and then post them to their favorite social network. Fans can view and “like” all the photos organized under a specific tag regardless of who posted them. Or, they can follow their friends to view their photo streams.

“There is so much to see and talk about at Dragon Con. It’s just natural that taking and sharing photos with friends is an important part of the whole experience,” said Rachel Reeves, Senior Director of Guests and Media for Dragon Con. “And we know our fans love using cutting-edge smartphone apps. PassionTag lets our fans do both and experience Dragon Con in a fun new way.”

PassionTag’s free mobile application can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store by visiting:

PassionTag, Inc. is a technology provider of dynamic in-image digital marketing and commerce solutions. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, PassionTag’s platform enables the creation and management of SmartTags that can be applied to photos shared online by both consumers and brands. For more information about PassionTag, please visit us at or call u at 1-800- 475-5160. Join our Facebook community at or follow us on Twitter @passiontag.

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