Augmented reality vehicle display unveiled by Pioneer

Developers from the company have now revealed the latest AR tech for cars instead of mobile gaming.

Though augmented reality is rapidly finding its place in areas such as mobile marketing, gaming, and other forms of entertainment, Pioneer has just unveiled a display that uses the technology which would be used in vehicles.

This technology mounts an LCD screen right onto the dash of a vehicle, where its navigation and stereo are traditionally located.

The augmented reality technology also uses a camera that would be located behind the vehicle’s rearview mirror. This allows an augmented reality effect to be created, where an image is projected onto the windshield overtop of the actual view.

This augmented reality display also relies on lasers to create “floating” images over the real view.

The images look as though they are floating a few feet in front of the vehicle’s position, even though they are actually simply projected onto the windshield’s screen. This trick gives the viewer the feeling that they are seeing graphics that are outside the vehicle, even though they are simply projections on screens above, where the sun visors would typically be positioned.


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This trick is not only interesting and fascinating to many, Pioneer is saying that the augmented reality may actually help the driver in his or her experience behind the wheel. The display provides a great deal of information that all moves and interacts with the view of the road through the windshield. Arrows displayed on the screen help to make use of GPS guidance in order to lead a driver to his or her destination.

Furthermore, small balloons help to identify important areas that are approaching in the distance, such as restaurants, gas stations, and other locations. The camera can even allow the augmented reality technology to reinforce various other forms of information already visible, such as stop signs, traffic lights, yield signs and various other important forms of signage. The technology helps to provide these alerts in real time along with the view of what can actually be seen through the front window of the vehicle as it moves.

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