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Augmented reality could offer sight to the visually impaired

Smart devices could provide users with the ability to see when they have previously been legally blind.

A new development regarding the use of augmented reality glasses is suggesting that these devices might be usable for individuals who have been declared legally blind, in providing them with the ability to see far more clearly.

Though this will not actually provide perfect vision, it could elevate the seeing abilities of some people.

The technology will not work for people who are completely blind. However, for individuals who have some level of vision, smart augmented reality glasses could help to provide them with an enhancement to this sense so that they can see better than they usually would.

This augmented reality based technology was developed by researchers at the University of Oxford.

augmented reality glassesThe Oxford researchers used smart augmented reality glasses that contain an infrared projector and a camera, to be able to display image and gauge distance. This way, when the camera detects certain objects or other people that are in front of the wearer, they can be displayed on transparent OLED lenses in a way that can help to provide the wearer with an idea of where they are.

The augmented reality overlay can be adjusted to be displayed in a color that is most visible to the individual wearer, and its contrast can be adjusted to be much higher to make it easier to see for that person. Using this technology also makes it possible – in theory – for the glasses to be able to detect the difference between a person and an object. That way, a person who is legally blind would be better able to detect when they have things or people within their field of vision.

These augmented reality smart glasses function along with a gyroscope that is installed within them, as well as a GPS system and a compass, to provide a greater amount of data. Though they are far from restoring a full sense of vision, it can provide a system that is like AR to the wearer, considerably improving what can be seen.

At this point, the augmented reality vision devices are far from complete. Additional work is required. However, the researchers are ready to move ahead now that their discovery has won them a £50,000 prize from the Brian Mercer Award that they received from the Royal Society.

Augmented reality used to teach sign language

Deaf Magazine is now using the technology to help to give sign lessons to its readers.

Deaf Magazine has taken a unique approach to the use of augmented reality technology, and is now using it to not only bridge the gap between the printed page and the digital world, but also to span the gap between hearing and the hearing impaired forms of communication.

This new high tech design was created by a German design group called Morphoria.

The group has now created Deaf, which is a magazine that places its focus on the German sign language community’s culture. The magazine, itself, is quite an impressive looking publication, but its potential has skyrocketed through the use of the augmented reality technology that has been worked into some of its pages.

The magazine works along with its own augmented reality app to provide readers with more information.

By working with both the print publication and the augmented reality application, the readers are able to see what is on the actual pages, but can then learn more about it through the use of their smartphones or tablets.

The team behind the magazine has pointed out that this has two layers of benefit. The first is that the deaf are able to learn some new words in sign. However, there is a second layer in which the magazine can also help people who don’t have any knowledge of sign language to be able to speak a bit of it. It can give them a start.

The response to the augmented reality experience has been a positive one, so far. Readers and tech experts, alike have appreciated the style in which it is used, as it converts something that would otherwise be static – that is, the page of the magazine – and enhances it in order to provide an improved learning experience by bringing it to life through animation.

This is the type of thing that is likely to occur at an increasing level in the print world, as time goes on. The use of augmented reality will be especially used by companies such as Daqri, which has already been using A.R. technology to enhance the experience provided by its educational applications.