Augmented reality revolutionized by Metaio

Augmented RealityMetaio makes a breakthrough in augmented reality

Metaio, a pioneer of augmented reality technology, has long held a focus on software for mobile devices. The company specializes in augmented reality and has produced many of the world’s most acclaimed AR applications, with an emphasis on showing off the capabilities of the technology. Metaio is now looking to expand into the realm of hardware as it works to ensure that mobile devices can live up to the demands of augmented reality.

AR Engine to expand the capabilities of interactive technology

Metaio has partnered with ST-Ericsson to develop a new hardware chipset called AR Engine. This is the first time Metaio has developed hardware for the purpose of augmented reality and the company believes that it will help expand the capabilities of the technology significantly. The AR Engine is designed to be implemented into a new generation of smartphones and tablets and the entirety of its processing power will be devoted to augmented reality. This means significant improvements in the speed and performance of the technology.


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Large-scale augmented reality experiences possible through new chipset

The chipsets exclusive focus on augmented reality will make AR applications run more smoothly on mobile devices. It will also boost performance, allowing for large-scale augmented reality experience, which Metaio suggests could encompass an entire city. The AR Engine also includes improvements to power consumption for particular mobile devices, allowing for “all day” augmented reality capabilities. Metaio CTO Peter Meier suggests that the AR Engine will do for the technology what the GPU did for the game industry several years ago.

AR Engine help realize Augmented City concept

In 2011, Metaio introduced the concept of the Augmented City, the idea of an environment that is completely powered by augmented reality. The firm demonstrated this concept at conferences all over the world, showing how augmented reality could be used as more than just entertainment and navigation. With the AR Engine, Metaio believes that it could move one step closer to making the Augmented City concept a reality.

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