Augmented reality job searching launched by Nokia

The mobile phone giant is now offering an entirely new employment seeking experience in the U.K.

Nokia has just announced the launch of JobLens, an augmented reality job searching experience that is available in the United Kingdom to bring together businesses seeking talent and individuals seeking work.

The company is now enlisting young entrepreneurs in the U.K. to build new businesses.

The JobLens app was created for Windows Phone 8 and assists its users in searching for employment within their local area. The application applies augmented reality technology to help to point out exactly where the job is located with respect to a user’s current location. The app also uses AR tech to display information about the company that is currently hiring and that has posted the position.

The augmented reality application also uses social media marketing to help to boost its efficacy.

It works by tapping into the social networking profiles of the user. This can include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Windows Live. This broadens the augmented reality experience by helping to point out the friends on their lists that may help them to make a connection with the hiringmanager at a company of interest.


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Should the opportunity form in which the augmented reality app user is invited to apply for the job, then he or she will be able to submit his or her resume with the hiring company by way of their Microsoft SkyDrive account. If an interview result from the application, then the app can offer directions to the applicant so that he or she can arrive quickly and easily to the meeting.

At a London event last week, Nokia provided 30 entrepreneurs from the not for profit Entrepreneur First program with a detailed JobLens augmented reality app overview. They were also challenged to build their new businesses through the use of this tool.

The entrepreneur using the augmented reality app will also be heading to meet with people from the education and employment services as well as with the government. This will help him or her to be able to discover the hurdles that are being faced within certain constituencies and how the app may be helpful in allowing them to more effectively achieve their goals.

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