Augmented reality enhances the stick-on manicure experience

Selfies of decorated nails have become popular and AR technology has now been added to improve them.

The applications of augmented reality have been everything from useful to clever and from quirky to gimmicky, and a new form of this technology has been incorporated into press-on nails to help to enhance selfies taken of the people who wear them…and to add some fun to the style.

A company with several global locations has now embedded AR holograms into their stick on nails.

The company is called Metaverse Makeovers, and it has locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Melbourne. It offers stick-on nail decals that have holograms embedded into them. Those decals not only display interesting three dimensional designs, but they also work with a mobile device to display images through augmented reality. The nails work with the company’s custom mobile app and allow wearers to create different AR tech based experiences to display through the nail art in real time.

The video for the company’s augmented reality nails is Sailor Moon inspired, making their target market clear.

The teen market is the primary focus, and there is no mystery why, as that demographic is the most connected with their smartphones and is the most comfortable and interested in trying out new ways to incorporate digital experiences into their lives, through mobile devices.

It looks as though the AR technology nails are not yet available for purchase, but the company has recently received an investment from donors in Melbourne, for $750,000, and it intends to feature this beauty product on February 15 at the Australian Center for Moving Image.

Additionally, there will be a live stream demo of the product on that same day. The intention os to show “performance installations” from various nail bars that are located in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Melbourne. This suggests that it may not be long after that, that the product will become available for purchase.

These augmented reality nail decals are going to be sold through the Chinese retailer, Taobao, in an experience that is somewhat comparable to the marketplace shopping at Amazon or eBay.

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