Wearable technology trend is growing fast in Israel

These devices are becoming very popular in the country but so is their development.

A leading tech evangelist in the United States, Robert Scoble, has announced that he feels that Israel will become an important driving force when it comes to the development and shipment of wearable technology in the not too distant future.

He expressed that he feels that we will soon all be donning wearables and many will come from Israel.

Scoble stated that “I think a lot of wearables will come out of Israel”. From the looks of the way that things have been moving, he may be completely right, particularly in terms of the overall adoption of the devices. Wearable technology was virtually unheard of only a couple of years ago, and now it feels as though a new type of device is being launched with each passing week. Everything from smartwatches that can take pictures and receive text messages to fitness bands, and even clothing embedded with sensors that can provide biofeedback and eyeglasses that allow the wearer to surf the web is now available on today’s tech shelves. There are even baby diapers and dog collars already out.

If Scoble is right, as the next waves of wearable technology are released, they will include Israeli innovations.

Wearable Technology - IsraelScoble had been in Israel last month as he attended many different events surrounding this first year of the WearableTech Conference, which took place in Tel Aviv. There, participants from a number of different countries looked into the ways in which Israel would be capable of contributing to the wearables sector. What they found was quite promising.

He pointed out that there is already an infrastructure in place for the expansion of wearables and there are already a number of companies that conduct similar types of research, development, and other related activities within the country. Moreover as Israel also holds a considerable amount of expertise in the area of inkjet printing, the potential for transistors to be sprayed onto virtually anything has also been mentioned.

The Orcam smart glasses have been created there for individuals who are visually impaired, and Intel recently purchased Omek gesture recognition software for $40 million. Clearly, Israel is providing a source of many different elements that can make up a complete wearable technology package.

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