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Mobile gaming trends reveal massive demand on device batteries

Considering the penetration of smartphones, it isn’t entirely shocking that 44 percent of gamers use that device to play.

According to the Entertainment Software Association report “2014 Sales, Demographic, and Usage Data: Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Gaming Industry,” mobile gaming is rapidly on the rise as 44 percent of all gamers are using their smartphones as their device of choice.

This has been presenting considerable challenges as mobile devices are run exclusively on batteries.

Unlike video game consoles, in which the primary component is plugged into a wall socket in order to provide power – even if the controllers are wireless – mobile gaming relies exclusively on devices that are run on smartphone batteries. When considering that Big Fish Games has predicted that the market for smartphone and tablet based gaming is expected to double by 2016, that’s a lot of drain in the built in power bank.

This trend has made the portable phone charger an essential tool for the mobile gaming industry.

mobile gaming trendsBeside smartphones, tablets are also becoming extremely important mobile gaming devices. This is picking up as penetration of those devices starts to pick up, though it remains nowhere near that of smartphones, for the moment. New data cited by Big Fish Games has suggested that these will be among the most important gaming devices in terms of popularity, as revenue from those games will have grown 400 percent by 2016. The larger screens and better hardware have made those gadgets specifically appealing to gamers.

Even gamers who are loyal to PC and consoles are playing tablet and smartphone games. Among American households that have a dedicated PC or a gaming console, 53 percent play games on smartphones, too.

While smartphone battery technology is improving, it is not doing so nearly fast enough to keep up with the power demands on those devices, particularly as mobile gaming continues to pick up. Those apps cause a notable drain and can lead the device to run out of juice before it is convenient for the user to recharge it. For this – among other reasons – high quality external battery charger power banks from companies such as Mogix have become a vital tool for gamers, regardless of their mobile device of choice.

External battery charger from Mogix keeps up with real people

This portable battery pack is designed to keep up with actual device use, not just ideal circumstances.

California based Mogix understands that it is nearly impossible to get through a day – any day – without the use of some kind of portable device, from smartphones to tablets, ereaders, laptops, digital cameras, or even electronic cigarettes, and an external battery charger has become a vital part of ensuring that these gadgets will keep up with an individual’s actual needs.

In many devices, the internal battery simply is not adequate to keep up with the way a device is really used.

When Mogix developed its external battery charger, it did so with the real use of a device in mind. It is one thing to hear the statistics with regards to the ideal situation, but it is something else to try to use your smartphone or tablet the way that you actually want to – that will usually need more juice! After all, the average person does not use his or her gadgets in the way that the instruction manual would list at being perfect for the battery charge. Phone calls need to be made, there are situations where the screen needs to be bright, and everyone loves their apps.

The Mogix external battery charger means that no matter how the device is used, there is always enough power.

Mogix external battery chargerAccording to the Pew Internet Project from Pew Research, at the start of this year, 90 percent of adults in the United States have a cell phone, and 58 percent of American adults have smartphones. Another 42 percent have a tablet, while 32 percent have an ereader. Not only do we have these devices, but we use them virtually everywhere!

The same research firm showed that 44 percent of cell phone owners have slept with their device next to their bed to ensure that they don’t miss a text, call, or other type of update while they were sleeping. In fact, people check their devices for alerts, calls, and messages, even when there hasn’t been any signal that one has come in. Pew Research reported that 67 percent said that even when the device doesn’t ring or vibrate, they will still check on occasion, just in case.

After all, 29 percent of cell phone owners say that the device is “something they can’t imagine living without”. Mogix thinks that if this is the way that people feel, then device owners shouldn’t have to go without their gadgets just because their batteries can’t keep up. The light weight, slim, and powerful external battery charger for use in real life circumstances is the result of this understanding. The brand’s spokes-dog, Mogix, is traveling the globe in a fun and exciting campaign to show exactly how this device can keep up with the ultimate mobile usage while on the go and is documenting his journey on the official Mogix Facebook page.