MasterCard and Monitise come together to create new mobile payments platform

Partnership aims to develop a mobile commerce solution for financial institutions

MasterCard has announced that it has partnered with Monitise, makers of a popular mobile banking and payments platform. Together, the two companies will work to deliver a new mobile payments service that is designed to be used by financial institutions throughout the world. Financial institutions are beginning to feel pressure to engage mobile consumers more as these consumers become more reliant on their mobile devices. Without providing these consumers with mobile-centric services, they may seek out other institutions that accommodate their interests more effectively.

Financial institutions are feeling the need to accommodate the interests of mobile-centric consumers

Both MasterCard and Monitise have extensive experience in the mobile commerce field. Both companies currently have mobile commerce platforms that are available to the public and these platforms are used throughout the world. The new platform the companies are developing through their partnership is expected to have higher levels of security in order to help financial institutions address some of the concerns that consumers have regarding mobile commerce.

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Security remains a major issue in the mobile commerce field, but consumers are still willing to shop from their mobile devices

Mobile Payments Partnership - MasterCard & MonitiseSecurity has been a problem in the mobile commerce field for some time. Because mobile commerce deals in the trafficking of financial information, it has become a very popular target for hackers and other malicious groups. Consumers have often criticized the mobile commerce platforms they have used in the past as not being secure enough. Several high profile cyber attacks on large retailers have also called into question whether the mobile commerce sector is taking security as seriously as it should.

Financial institutions that do not accommodate mobile consumers could become irrelevant in the future

While consumers are concerned for the security of their financial information, security concerns have done little to stop them from actually participating in mobile payments. The demand for convenient mobile commerce platforms has been growing at a rapid pace as consumers become more comfortable with the concept of mobile payments. Financial institutions that are unable or unwilling to accommodate this demand may find themselves becoming increasingly irrelevant to mobile-centric consumers.

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