Hodusoft Adds Contact Center Features to Its Enterprise Communications Solution

Ahmedabad, India, June 12, 2019 –(PR.com)– Hodusoft, Ecosmob’s division of packaged VoIP solutions, announced integration of contact center features in its enterprise communication solution.

The communication divide
Along the communication divide sit IP PBX on one side and contact center solutions on the other side. Each has specific advantages. It is no surprise that users of one feel the grass is greener on the other side. Hodusoft now seamlessly blends the two into a powerful, integrated and easy to use packaged solution for enterprise communication.

Call center solution feature advantage
Typical call center software has enviable features like automatic call distribution, skill based mapping, auto dialer and predictive dialer that do not form part of the IPPBX communication solution. However, businesses have evolved and find that standard IP PBX features can be somewhat limiting given that they lack features present in contact center software. Businesses find that they can conduct in-house based cold calling campaigns and even have inbound calling for customer care. An enterprise may have several departments spread over wings in the same building or in other buildings. This is where inclusion of automatic call distribution and skill based mapping, now included in the IPPBX proves extremely helpful. Incoming calls go to the right person according to defined parameters.

Time saving
Executives may need to make a large number of calls, some of which may go to an answering service. Include auto dialer in the IP PBX system and presto, he works while the system dials. Only when a person answers does he have to engage in a conversation. It saves frustration and helps executives get more done with a stress-free experience.

So why not simply use contact center software for business? The VP, while explaining the above features, clarified that IPPBX has inherent advantages and transplanting contact center software features to IP PBX has proved to be a better option from cost and performance perspectives. As matters stand, Hodusoft has already evolved these packages to make them a unified communication system. Integrating call center features further refines capabilities of the enterprise communication IP PBX software to deliver even better performance and make it a truly rounded solution. What today’s business needs in communication, Hodusoft supplies in an easy to use, affordable package that works right off the bat, he concluded. “It is IP PBX on steroids.”

Existing users of enterprise communication IP PBX systems can easily migrate to Hondusoft’s newer integrated solution and startups can gain even more traction by putting in place Hodusoft’s hosted solution. Hodusoft is available on live chat at http://www.hodusoft.com or by phone on 1 707-708-4638.


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